READ “Permissions” Before Downloading Phone Applications

Today’s phones may not be your dad’s phones, but a little old-fashioned wisdom can go a long way to making your high-tech life more secure.  The world of easy, automatic downloads has become an electronic Pandora’s box which can have the same “no going back” results.  Even seemingly harmless programs like those for mapping, bar-code reading and games are not immune to trouble and have been found to have surprisingly intrusive impacts on your information.  You might be giving permission to programming that:  1) invades your personal files and result in loss or manipulation of data  2) uses the data in ways that can harm you  3) wastes battery power, etc.

The bottom line is this: try to avoid the convenience of automatic downloads.  Take the time to read the tedious information available with each upgrade.  The information with initial downloads is important, too.  You could very well decide the potential benefits are outweighed by the dangers your device will be exposed to.


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