After Further Review, I Must Apologize to Senior Voters

In the article I posted the day after the November 6 election, I chastised several “voting blocs” for their short-sighted support of President Obama which resulted in his successful re-election.  I was on the mark with all of the groups – except the “over 65” voters.

On that downcast morning, Florida’s outcome was still uncertain.  I assumed that a continuation of seniors’ wavering pre-election support for Mitt Romney was the reason for the eventual victory by the President in the Sunshine State.  Incorrect, according to which reported the Associated Press’ findings!  Not only did exit poll data show Romney with a 56-44 advantage nationwide among seniors, but he took the “over 65” vote by a 58-41 margin in Florida (as well as by 55-45 in my home state of Ohio which also went, embarrassingly, to Obama as well).

The President won Florida because his 61-38 lead in the under-40 voters (even though representing just 30% of that state’s votes) was just enough to beat Romney’s 54-45 lead in the 40-and over groups.  You can do the math as I did with weighting the averages of the AP’s data.  The conclusion is that I erred on November 7.  Lesson learned.

Therefore, I ask forgiveness from the senior Florida voters.  At the same time, I will chide the voters in my age group (50-64) for not having the wisdom of the 65+ crowd which, in retrospect, could have done better, too.  And I’m not accepting the notion that the older voters have significantly more experience than those of us in the 50-64 age range.  With an ounce of common sense and well-formed consciences, the group of voters over 50 should have shown at least a 70-30 split in favor of Romney.  As for the “under 40s,” may desire for wisdom replace your admiration for moral relativism before it’s too late!


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