A Violent Nation: Twenty-Six Students/Teachers Murdered In One Day, 3400 Babies Every Day

Three days after the devastating news from the grade school in Newtown, Connecticut and the shock waves continue to reverberate in television, the internet, radio talk shows and conversations everywhere, even among strangers.  It’s hard to imagine the horror experienced by the victims and the survivors.  All of these innocent children and adults will be emotionally scarred for many years, perhaps a lifetime.  The “whys” can never be answered as only a very disturbed and /or evil individual could do this.

That the cruel fate of twenty-six should affect us in this way does not indicate a lack of mental toughness.  It is the way we must feel if we are to be fully human.  Only a machine would not experience the combination of emotions ranging from deep sadness to anger.

Imagine if such a horrible event occurred 130 times every day.   Would we become fierce in our opposition?  Would we focus most of our waking moments in search of a way to stop it?

Or would we become numb to it?  Might we continue with our lives, rationalizing it’s inevitable and that there is nothing we can do to prevent it?  Could we be satisfied that as long as we don’t do it ourselves or actually see it happening, then we can live with it?

Sadly, the latter is how the majority of Americans have chosen to deal with the unspeakable evil called “abortion.”  It produces two victims: one who is silenced forever and one whose inner voice refuses to be silenced.


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