“The Winter Holiday Song”

With freedom of religion in dire straits, the day is fast approaching when saying “Christmas” in public will become a punishable offense.   In preparation for this, here is the Modern Revolutionary’s rendition of a classic, sung to the melody of “The Christmas Song.”

Ballot stuffing ‘cause we don’t need I.D.,                                                                             Health care—“no one pays the bill,”                                                                                    Voting districts with no votes for Romney,                                                                           And folks want “morning after pill.”

Everybody knows– Obama wants no spending freeze,                                                      Bill of Rights is such a bore,                                                                                                Faithful Dems go-oh down on their knees,                                                                          To catch entitlements, galore.

They think that he’s the savior and lord,                                                                              Though he’s raised the budget ceiling to new heights,                                                        And with supremacy he’s worked hard to hoard,                                                                 He’ll tell John Boehner to go fly a kite.

And so keep saying your daily prayers,                                                                               We know we’re not supposed to do,                                                                                    Cell phones, G-P-S, watching you, ev’rywhere,
Merry Winter, to you!


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