Best Wishes to Everyone in 2013 and an Exhortation

Happy New Year to fellow WordPress bloggers and followers!  The brief three months since I joined have been very rewarding and educational.   I’m looking forward to the next twelve months as we strive to present topics of worth through this amazing medium.

The calendars may have changed, but the world’s challenges are the same as they were yesterday.  To make progress, we would do well to follow the moral of the well-known story which Fr. Matthias Wamala, assistant pastor at St. Joseph Church in Cold Spring, KY, repeated to the congregation this morning.  He prefaced it by reminding us that God speaks to us individually, not just to everyone as a whole.  We needn’t feel that we are just one in a billion or so; and thus, are not important.  Because each of us is important to Him.

Speaking of “everyone,” the summarized story began with the realization that something needed to be done.  “Everybody” assumed “somebody” would do it because it was something “anybody” could do.  As a result, “nobody” did it. Let us remember that each of us is a “somebody” in God’s eyes.  By taking action, we’ll encourage an environment in which everyone starts participating in making the world a better place.

In so doing, we’ll be able to look back a year from now and see the difference!


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