2012 Election: Surprising Impact of Marital Status

For reasons still unclear to me, I decided to look at the demographics of the rubble left behind by the events of last November 6.  The following chart caught my attention:

Electorate (Marital Status): Barack Obama Mitt Romney

Unmarried Women                           67%               31%
Unmarried Men                                 56%               40%
Married Women                                46%               53%
Married Men                                      38%               60%

Of all of the demographic data, this one1 captured an atypical category and it surprised me at first.  Then, I had this sudden mental image of a former Georgetown student, now attorney, who was pushing for the federal government to provide free contraceptives (and abortifacient drugs).  But, I thought, that conclusion was too simplistic.  After all, many married people voted for the President, including an astonishing number of my (supposedly) fellow Catholics according to the statistics.  The reason had to go deeper than that.

Of course!  Obama is an ideological descendant of the Clinton years which believed in a distorted version of “it takes a village to raise a child.”  The original meaning referred to the benefits of close-community societies.  The President is attempting to implement the second generation Clinton version which achieves “marriage equality” by legitimizing same-sex so-called marriage.   With moral relativism in the White House, it’s “Spring Break” year ’round.

But this is a serious matter.  This is not the first time people have tried to rid themselves of hindrances like the Ten Commandments (or “Natural Law” for the non-believers in the reading audience).  No time to recount the number of societies which fell apart because in their “enlightenment” they forgot that the family unit headed by a husband and wife is the basic building block of civilization.  (I had promised myself to limit this article to 500 words max.)  The ignorance of history which has precipitated most human-caused disasters is at work once again.

A ray of hope appeared earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal.  The author pointed out that a liberal columnist wrote in December, “Children who live with their biological parents perform better in school, have lower rates of suicide…”And, a conservative had written in 2010, “Compared to children raised in an intact family, children raised in single-parent homes are more likely to have emotional and behavioral problems; be physically bused;… and drop out of high school.”3

Ms. Schachter exhorted Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move” campaign, which promotes the well-being of American children, to include a “Let’s Marry” message.  This would be a step in the right direction.

However, the cynic in me sees a potential problem.  Would the First Lady risk alienating many of her husband’s supporters who are thrilled that the White House now stands for the philosophies of the movie “Animal House?”

(P.S.:  With this sentence, this article contains 497 words according to “Word’s” count.)

1 – Jack Watkins, www.addictinginfo.org, 11/8/2012
2 – Abby W. Schachter, Wall Street Journal, 1/15/2013, quoting Clarence Page of the Washington Post
3 – Ibid., quoting Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation


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