“Military Opportunities” Mean Death Equality for Women

“Officials:  Combat  roles  opened to  Women,”  so read the headline in yesterday’s Cincinnati Enquirer.  The sub-headline went on to say “Up to 230,000 jobs previously had been off-limits to women.”  The article described how out-going Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was lifting a military ban which “will allow women into hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando units, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.”1

Now there’s real cause for joy!  Marketing fluff has now overtaken our military, too.  Then again, the pro-death left might actually believe this is an “equality” worth striving for.  Yes, daughters, the camouflage ceiling has been lifted.  You, too, have the state-given right to seek advancement leading to increased opportunity for death, I mean, glory on the battlefield!…

Then, it becomes more discouraging.  The article lists the reservations about this policy change.  I expected to read about those defending the crucial idea that “equality” in the eyes of God (did I just commit a politically incorrect offense mentioning His name?) does not mean “identical.”  Instead, I read that the objectors are only concerned about “”Does it increase the combat effectiveness of the military?”2  and “it’s likely the Army will establish a set of physical requirements for infantry soldiers… The standards will be gender neutral.”

Here is the Brave New World of Redefined Equality where the sexes must be indistinguishable from each other and chivalry is deemed discriminatory.  Good thing we weren’t in charge of designing the universe, although a few self-appointed experts are trying to correct what they believe were His mistakes.

1 – Tom Vanden Brook and Jim Michaels, Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/24/2013
2 – Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), an Iraqi war veteran, Ibid. 


2 thoughts on ““Military Opportunities” Mean Death Equality for Women

  1. Yes, there seems to be some “fluff” in the wording of this, but the women who want to be at the front lines know what they are signing up for. Why would anyone want to be the first to be shot at? I don’t know, but everyone should have the right to do so. They’re not exactly tricking women into this.

    • The fluff I was referring to was not the hoodwinking of women into applying for these situations, but getting the public to miss the real point: it’s not about fairness or equality at all. I had thought about explaining this more fully in the original article, but wanted to post a short one for a change (to give readers a well-deserved break, lol). I had decided that I would write more if there was a response which needed me to do so. Thanks, I will in the next couple of days!

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