Terhar, Obama, Hitler and Facebook: To Democrats, “Get a Life!”

Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar is correct when she “regrets not using better judgment” when she compared President Barack Obama’s gun control proposals to Adolf Hitler with a posting on Facebook.1  By doing so, she lowered herself to the level of millions who reveal things on a national scale which are better kept private.

But to demand that the Board turn over records of her text messages by 5PM today (January 31, 2013) or the Ohio Democratic Party will sue?2  Strange, in a country where citizens frequently cast aspersions on the Church, accept the burning of the American flag and other disreputable acts as examples of free speech, the Democrats are calling on Governor Kasich to ask her to resign?1

Apparently, the First Amendment doesn’t apply when discussing the “Lord and savior.”The nerve of Ms. Terhar.  She should have more respect for a fellow Hawaii native.4  It’s not as though:  1) a million or more innocent people are being killed in our country every year [and “legally”]  2) the influence of churches is being assailed  3) the education system and boys/girls youth organizations are being controlled to conform to state doctrine or 4) the separation of powers is being distorted with inappropriate executive orders and other actions.5,6

Uh, oh, now I might be accused of blasphemy.

– Jessica Brown and Paul E. Kostyu, Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/24/2013
2 – Paul E. Kostyu, Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/29/2013
3 – “In the pre-recorded program that was broadcast Sunday night on BET, Foxx urges the audience to ‘first of all, give an honor to God — and our Lord and savior, Barack Obama!’  The audience responds with cheers as Foxx shouts the president’s name again and urges them to ‘stand up.’”  (CBSNews.com reporting on Jamie Foxx at the Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas, [AP contributed to the article], 11/27/2012)
4 – “I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and have resided in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, England and moved to Ohio in 1989.” (from www.debeterhar.com)
5 – see the history of “Gleichschaltung” (“making the same” “bringing into line”) as it pertained to Germany in the 1930’s and the relentless change the nation was subjected to, including the creation of the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs which “assailed the influence of the churches” and “an all-embracing recreational organization called Kraft durch Freude (“Strength through Joy”) was set up. In Nazi Germany, even hobbies were regimented; all private clubs (whether they be for chess, football, or woodworking) were brought under the control of KdF and, in turn, the Nazi Party. The Kraft durch Freude organization provided vacation trips (skiing, swimming, concerts, ocean cruises, and so forth) — from Wikipedia
6 – “’It may, I believe, be accepted,’ wrote (George S.) Messersmith (U.S. consul general in Berlin 1930-34), ‘that whether the Hitler regime lasts for a few months or for a longer period, it is only a phase in the development towards more stable political conditions and that this government will be followed by one which will show greater elements of stability than any which Germany has had for some years. The people are politically tired.’” [emphasis added]
The author of the article added later, “It reflected the nature of the Nazi regime. From its very inception, it excluded and mercilessly persecuted demographic groups (while) at the same time providing those it viewed as belonging to the Volksgemeinschaft, the ‘community of the (German) people,’ with attractive ideological and material incentives.” [emphasis added]
“Toward the end of March 1933, French Ambassador François-Poncet wrote that, in many respects, ‘the Nazis demonstrate a certain double tendency. Some are destructive, grasping, power-hungry and willing to satisfy the needs of the revolutionary zealots of the SA,’ referring to the paramilitary group known as the ‘brownshirts.’ But others, the ambassador added, want to present themselves as having moderation, reason and spirit of political reconciliation and are keen to win over the high-minded members of the population.” [emphasis added] —   Christoph Strupp, ‘Only a Phase’: How Diplomats Misjudged Hitler’s Rise, Spiegel Online International, 1/30/2013


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