Why All of the Fuss About “Sequestration” and Losing Some Border Patrol and TSA Agents?

Like her boss in the White House, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been expressing theatrical concern over the possible effects which “Sequestration” will have should Congress and the President not agree on a budget by the end of the week.

True, there will be across the board “cuts” (or more accurately, decreases in federal spending increases as Fox News and the WordPress blog “Quiner’s Diner” have been reminding us).  But the worry about it damaging our national interests and security is particularly humorous in view of what has been happening for some time.  Losing some border patrol and TSA agents is miniscule compared to the internal destruction going on right now with the approval of 50.7% of the voters last November 6.  (It might actually be beneficial to the border patrollers – being displaced means they’ll stand less of a chance of being killed with our guns in the hands of foreign drug criminals.)

For the 50.7% (including, sadly, many of my fellow “Catholics”), let me remind them of the modern version of the Fall of the Roman Empire unfolding in front of us (the order of this list does not necessarily indicate priority):

1)  $16 trillion in debt, 48% owned by foreign governments and individuals.As of last June, China owned ¼ of our foreign owned debt.Two huge problems here.  Climbing debt slowly strangles our government’s ability to deal with anything except servicing the debt, not to mention weakening the dollar.  And, do we really want an ideological opposite like China to have this level of power over us?  (Well, maybe not such an ideological opposite as we’ll see in the following items.)

2)  Disregard for the dignity of human life.  (This should be first, as all other rights are in danger when this one is ignored.)  “Choice” and “reproductive rights” are the morbid euphemisms resulting from a terribly flawed Supreme Court decision forty years ago.  Oh well, Obama and his followers don’t need to worry.  Those 55 million murdered can never vote against them.  Incidentally, an ardent Obama supporter, George Soros, contributed to the development of the abortifacient “RU-486”and its use.3,4

3)   Major contributors to the President’s political party who are opposed to our nation’s survival.  Not true?  Well, back to George Soros again, one of the masterminds pushing for Democratic election victories since 2003.  Soros commented that “Some global system of political decision-making” in which “the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions” when “collective interests” are at stake.5  Also, “[Soros] argued that a vision of ‘open society idealism’ must supersede traditional state sovereignty if globalization is to benefit all.”6

4)  Doing away with the basic unit of civilized society, the family, by attacking the sanctity of marriage.  OK, so you don’t believe in the Ten Commandments, then I hope there is some acknowledgement of Natural Law.  Men and women are different physically for a reason.  (surprise!)  Same gender sexual activity must be condemned because it is intrinsically disordered.  We are morally bound to afford those afflicted the same care and consideration as we do for anyone else experiencing disordered tendencies such as gambling addiction, alcoholism, heterosexual addiction, pedophilia, greed for power and money, etc.7
Marriage was not invented by the Church or the state.  Neither of these institutions has the authority to redefine it.  Legitimizing same sex “marriage” has ripple effects which disrupt the structure of the family.

5)  Making it so that citizens are dependent on Big Brother for everything.  Food stamp recipients increased by about 47% or 15 million during Obama’s first term.

Laws using distorted definitions of “discrimination” and “equality” are threatening the major areas of non-governmental social programs and agencies.  Religious organizations, many of which are Catholic, are finding that they are running afoul of creative laws which declare them to be discriminatory.  Catholic adoption agencies have closed because they cannot accept same-sex couples as appropriate guardians because of Natural Law and core beliefs.  The very existence of religious schools, hospitals and social organizations is threatened because they will not deny deeply held faith beliefs in order to be compliant with government directives such as the HHS mandate.

6)  Essentially suspend freedom of religion, an inalienable right, by limiting its practice to church buildings.  Not only are there dangers such as the HHS mandate, but we also have, “Lawsuits a plenty against religious freedom and expression in the land of the free. Christianity in the U.S. is under attack as it was during the early period of the Soviet Union when religious symbols were against the law.”8

7)   A federal government so insecure that it touts the crimes of a few, criminally insane as justification to work toward disarming the citizenry.  You and I are such a threat to their vast teams of undercover, armed agents and military might?  This warrants therapy for us, but they’d better hurry before all Catholic Social Services are out of business!

8)   Increasing invasions of privacy under the guise of “protecting” us.  Cameras everywhere.  Drones at Obama’s disposal.  New cars in 2014 required to have “little black boxes” to record vehicle operations data similar to that of 600 mph jets.  Chip implants, just for “high security workers” now, but eventually for “medical records” followed by “etc.”

And we’re supposed to lose sleep because Janet Napolitano’s budget will be affected if Congress doesn’t give in to an executive-order happy President? 

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“Homosexual persons are called to chastity.  [blog author’s note:  just as any man and woman not married to each other are called]  By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested [note: meaning not self-serving] friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection” (paragraphs 2358 and 2359 of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” Liguori Publications, Liguori, MO, 1994)
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Kasich’s Well-Designed Plan Criticized For Not Promising Obama-like Miracles

Governor John Kasich stepped into a near no-win situation when he became Ohio’s chief executive in 2011.  The state budget was in a major red situation, the state’s unemployment rate (while improving) was still at 9.0%1 and its system of funding public education had been declared unconstitutional almost fourteen years prior.2  Instead of repeatedly referring the mess as a product of previous administrations, he began to conquer the near-impossible.

He has devised a coordinated plan which moves toward a balanced budget, helps small businesses rebuild the state’s economy and also changes the funding of public education to a way that is likely to be constitutional and fairer.


Unlike Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana who took a one-sided approach,3  Gov. Kasich is offering a blended solution.  For starters, the state income tax would drop by 20%.4  This makes everyone happy.

The state sales tax would be lowered from 5.5% to 5%,4 but it would be broadened to include an additional 81 services not currently covered by the state sales tax.  This makes some unhappy.  Examples of the newly taxed services are:  accounting and bookkeeping, architectural and engineering, interior design and decorating, cultural and professional sports, and investment counseling.5

Naturally, those who use or offer these services aren’t totally pleased about it.  We have to remember, however, that Kasich is also dealing with a negative budget.  Realistically, one cannot just cut rates for almost everyone except for a select few and expect to balance a budget.  I know, someone promised this unreality and won reelection last November, but it doesn’t work that way in the real world!  Those opposed to this change then try to switch the focus from their self-interests and claim that it hurts the poor of society.  (Sound familiar?)  True, it will impact everyone to some degree.   But, in what proportion due the lower income groups use commercial art and design services, custom software programming, overnight trailer parks, accounting/ bookkeeping and horse boarding and training?


The JournalNews comment on Kasich’s February 19 “State of the State” address: “Opposes Obamacare but says expanding Medicaid will benefit Ohio by extending health care to more people and bring in billions of dollars in federal aid.” He accepts the fact that Ohio went for Obama in last election and many supported the Affordable Care Act.  However, he also knows he needs a program which is not so aligned with the flawed Obamacare that he loses his centrist and conservative base of support.  He should have it here with this smart approach.

Kasich’s proposal will expand Ohio’s Medicaid (a state and federally funded program) by adding 265,000 to the 2.2 million already enrolled plus another 230,000 currently eligible but not enrolled who are expected to do so.  The 7-year expansion is projected to cost $13 billion. The federal government will pick up 100% of this increase initially, then drop back to 90%.  Ohio’s plan costs $19 billion now.4

School  Funding

From the 1970s through 2009, the “foundation formula” per pupil was used to fund schools combining both state and local taxes.  As the Enquirer reported, “For years the state assumed a certain amount would be generated from local property taxes and it subtracted that to calculate how much the state sent to school districts.  Sometimes the state’s calculations included “phantom revenue” – funds it assumed districts would raise locally but that didn’t materialize.”6

The Kasich plan would use “core opportunity aid” to distribute funds.  It would ensure that every school district which levies at least 20 mills ($20 for every assessed $100,000 in property value) in property taxes would generate the same as a $250,000 per pupil property tax base school district. Currently, only 4% of Ohio school districts exceed the $250,000 amount.  A “targeted assistance” would be added to ensure that districts with low-income residents amidst some higher property tax values would still benefit.  Also, districts which have many students learning English as a second language would receive $1,500 per student in the first year with amounts decreasing over time.6


-Widened State Tax-

The concern for widening the services which would be covered by the state sales tax has already been mentioned.  This would affect both individuals and businesses.  To reiterate, a budget wth severe red ink cannot be balanced through tax reductions for the vast majority and large increases for the “privileged.”

-Small Business Tax Cuts and Jobs Creation-

The Kasich plan would help small businesses according to Tom Cooney and Crystal Faulkner.Besides the elimination of Ohio’s estate tax which would also help individuals, Kasich’s proposal would reduce taxes for many small businesses including S corporations, partnerships and sole proprietors.7

 However, there are those who dispute this tax relief will create greater employment.  They use a 2011 study by two University of Chicago economists which determined that most small business owners are individual craftsmen and professionals who have little desire to grow.  Or as they wrote, “Most firms start small and stay small throughout their entire life cycle.”  Zach Schiller, research director for Policy Matters Ohio, said, “The notion that they’re going to run out and hire a lot of people is mistaken.  They wouldn’t get enough [through lower taxes].”  Others claim that since most small businesses are often one or two person operations.  These tax cuts wouldn’t increase jobs, but instead, “shift the state’s overall tax burden from the wealthy to the working poor and middle class.8

Not having an MBA, I am not able to crunch the theoretical numbers to prove whether the naysayers or Kasich will be correct.  Nevertheless, I am a little puzzled by this assertion that Kasich’s reduction of taxes for small businesses may be both a wasted effort and unfair.  Weren’t small businesses a point of contention in the Obama-Romney campaign?  Each recognized that the greatest job growth does not come from the mega-corporations.  Romney, the “friend” of big business just because he’s a Republican, wanted to help small business.  Obama, the perceived “champion” of the little guy because he’s a Democrat, won some industrial swing states by sending bailouts to large car companies9… Perhaps this makes sense after all.  The 51% of pro-Obama Ohio voters10 wanted a Democrat who helps union workers even though it helps big business;  therefore, they’re against helping small businesses because it really doesn’t help the little guy, it just makes the rich richer… Or something like that… Nightmares are made of this.

-Education  Funding-

Governor Kasich is attempting to do what the three previous elected Ohio governors had not been able to do11: tackle the problem of unconstitutional state funding of public schools.  He arrived at a plan which should improve the status of poorer school districts which show some effort to assess property adequately without harming the more affluent districts.  His plan also provides assistance for all-day kindergarten programs, charter schools, “gifted education funding,” programs to work with severely disabled students, etc.

Still, there are criticisms: “Unfortunately, the proposed funding in this plan is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the $1.8 billion Gov. Kasich cut from schools during his last budget” (Ohio House Democratic Leader Armond Budish), the plan “does nothing to assure that students have enough resources to meet higher standards and expectations” (Andrew Benson, exec. Director of Ohio Education Matters), “the state has already sent us many new unfunded mandates like the Third Grade Reading Guarantee…” (Greg Power, Little Miami Schools Superintendent)6.  See, Governor Kasich, you were supposed to promise everything like the President.  [Granted, unfunded mandates may be a strain on already taut budgets.  But the THIRD grade reading ability?12]

Thankfully, some see the benefits of the governor’s proposal.  Krista Ramsey wrote: “Granted, it won’t undo all of the damage done by decades of underfunding the most essential period in childhood learning… But the new state money.. can be a shift toward wiser, deeper, more sustainable education policy and reform.”  And, from Mary Ronan, superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, “I like how (the governor) is looking to make schools more efficient.”  She also said if the state lives up to Kasich’s promise, then CPS will no longer be penalized for having Downtown businesses which make the district “property wealthy” in the view of the state.13


A Bloomberg National poll of 1,003 adults taken February 15-18 showed 55% approved of the President, his highest rating since September 2009.13  The Quinnipiac University poll taken in December showed Kasich’s approvals vs. disapprovals at 42-35%.14

Conclusion:  It’s tough to win the favor of constituents when many aren’t satisfied unless they can have their cake and eat it, too.  There are consequences in life for everything, including fiscal disasters.  A price must be paid and, unfortunately, no one is exempt (contrary to what Obama’s supporters want to believe).

Governor Kasich had a mountain to attack when he took the oath of office.  If the majority can give a second term to a President with a poor resume since he began in “public service” years ago, then how about a little cooperation for a governor who is taking logical steps to fix more problems in Ohio?

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“Some continue to argue that the state’s school-funding system remains unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court has not ruled on the matter since the court handed down its fourth decision against the state in December 2002, when the majority also surrendered jurisdiction of what became known as the “DeRolph” case, after the parent who filed it.  (www.dispatch.com, 3/12/2012)
3 – Gov. Jindal’s proposal eliminates the state income tax which sets up the state’s sales tax for an as yet unannounced increase, but one which is likely to be drastic and more likely to hurt those with lower income.  (“Louisiana State Sales Tax Proposal Hurts Lower Incomes and GOP’s Image,” www.CartaRemi.wordpress.com, 1/16/2013)
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In Tuesday’s vote, Obama swept Gov. Mitt Romney’s native Michigan and the rest of the industrial belt where Detroit automakers and their suppliers are centered. The one exception was Indiana, home to factories belonging to foreign brands like Honda and Subaru.
In winning Ohio by a small margin, Obama tapped heavily into the northern areas of the state where the auto industry plays a large role. The bailout that kept General Motors and Chrysler Group alive was a key issue in those areas.” (Chris Woodyard, USA Today, 11/7/2012)
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11 – The court ruling came in the last two years of George Voinovich’s term.  Bob Taft and Ted Strickland followed.  Not counted among the non-solution governors was Nancy Hollister who, as lieutenant governor, served for the eleven days between Voinovich’s move to the Senate and Taft’s swearing in.  (Wikipedia)
12 – “Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee says that starting with students entering third grade in 2013-14, schools cannot promote to fourth grade students who score below a certain level on the state reading test. That level is slightly below the actual passing score on the state reading test, the Ohio Achievement Assessment.
Exceptions apply to students who are learning English and in special education programs and to students who have been behind in reading in past years, have been held back before and have received extra help. Students can also be promoted if they pass a state-approved alternate reading test, i.e., a different test from the OAA.”  (www.stateimpact.npr.org/ohio/tag/third-grade-reading-guarantee)
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Gold’s Future Glitter is Anyone’s Guess

Very uncharacteristically, I’ll keep my word count under 200!  A news program carried an ad which irritated me, so here goes:

TV ad:  announcer noted that gold has gone up 400% in the last decade and asked the viewer if he wouldn’t want some gold in his portfolio.

My Answer:  Sure – a decade ago!

Reminder:   investment institutions have been required for a number of years to inform the reader/viewer that “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”  This is true for all investments, regardless of how speculative.

Outlook:  Granted, gold may very well rise again if we start to lose the tug-of-war between the combination of rising federal debt (money printing) and food/ fuel prices versus suppressed employment/spending which has been surprisingly even-sided for years.  (low inflation)

However, the public should not be mesmerized about the “400% over the last decade.”  That’s a rear-view mirror look.  Keep an eye on the road ahead.  This is investing, not driving.

Public Views Toward Terhar and Moroski: God Takes a Back Seat to the President

Ohio residents, and especially those in Cincinnati, have been following the events of two individuals who aired personal views on contentious topics using social media.  While neither expressed views “on company time” so to speak, each had different contractual and/or moral obligations involved.  Nevertheless, from the news reporting it appeared that a majority wanted to hold the elected official accountable and punishable to the politically correct “secular moral standard” of the state (pardon the illogic).  At the same time the public (or perhaps the news media?), wanted to dismiss the contractual and moral responsibilities of the one representing the Church.


Debe Terhar, a Republican from Green Township and president of the Ohio Board of Education, posted pictures on her personal Facebook that “seemed to compare gun control efforts [of President Obama] with Hitler1  and another article described her re-posting from a Conservative Facebook page as including “a number of anti-President Barack Obama, pro-gun posts and photos.”2  “The post drew fire from Democrats and Jewish groups after it was reported by the media.”

Mike Moroski, a teacher and assistant principal at Purcell-Marian High School, gave support for same-sex “marriage” on his personal blog in contravention of his contract with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati which operates the high school. The only quote cited, other than his, came from a mother of a student who felt that “it’s unfair that a person cannot speak his mind on his own personal blog.”3


A motion in a Board meeting to remove Terhar from her position as Board president was defeated 10-6.  The release of “dozens of emails about the incident” by department officials indicated a majority criticizing her and “critics on the board said her apology came too late, and that they thought the post compromised Terhar’s ability to lead effectively.”1

Moroski was firedfor refusing to remove his blog statements which were in violation of the annual social media policy he signed along with its requirement that he “comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.”3  Four of five letters to the editor expressed sympathy for the “injustice” of the outcome as one respondent wrote.

So,  What  Really  Happened  Here?

Someone from another planet would conclude that criticizing the President for his political stances is condemnable.  However, violating a legal contract and a moral obligation to represent timeless truths is trivial.  No wonder our society’s values seem upside-down!


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Mr. President, Can’t You Hear Your Contradiction?

President Obama is hitting the road to promote the economic and educational plan he outlined in his State of the Union address last Tuesday.  Three days ago, he spoke at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago.1  For someone who promotes the killing of the unborn (to the rate of 130 Sandy Hooks per day) and same-sex “marriage,” his ironic comments would be hysterical if they weren’t such a sober reminder of our societal deterioration currently in free-fall.

1)   “Too many of our children are being taken away from us.”  Yes, over one million per year are being taken away from us.  These living entities have chromosomes which are distinctly different from each parent thus making them separate human beings, not merely a mass of multiplying cells.  These unborn children are having their inalienable right to life taken away by a “procedure” usually requiring less parental notification and consent than a field trip to the zoo.

2)  The article noted “The most important task, the president [news source used small case] said, is to keep young people “safe from harm.”  Why is it the youngest of all face the worst harm in what should be their safest location, inside his/her mother?  Oh, I forgot, the unborn aren’t people yet.  Besides, if they are born, most likely they will be a burden to a society which has limited funds for health care, etc.  There was a 20th century dictator who took it upon himself to decide who was human and allowed to live, too.  (Shouldn’t mention his name or I won’t be able to run for president of the state board of education.)2,3

3)  Here’s the clincher: “Decrying the lack of adult role models in too many places, Obama advocated programs to ‘promote marriage and encourage fatherhood.’”  The awakening of the responsibility of fatherhood is wonderful and very necessary.  If only Obama and his disciples believed in marriage as defined by the original author.  Ignoring His natural law to invent a new marriage legitimizing disordered behavior cannot produce the adult role models so desperately needed.

The article’s heading was “Obama: Children need opportunities.”  Maybe he’ll really mean it someday.

1 – David Jackson, USA Today,  as printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/16/2013
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NLRB is STILL Operating Without a Confirmed Quorum!

-Megyn Kelly’s Interview Today with Lou Dobbs on FoxNews-

Obama  Has  Nominated  Same  Two  Candidates  Properly

This is a follow-up to a previous article on my blog.President Obama has decided to renominate Sharon Block and Robert Griffin for positions on the National Labor Relations Board – something  he was required to do because his previous actions when Congress was in “pro forma” session starting in late December 2011 were
ruled unconstitutional by the D.C. Circuit Court recently..2

However,  President  Still  Has  NLRB  Making  Decisions  Without  a  Quorum

That in of itself is a good thing.  But, dear readers, please do not be enamored with the President’s motives.  The NLRB is to be composed of five members.  It currently has three, but only ONE is there legitimately (with Senate confirmation).  Megyn Kelly noted that the Administration has not formally appealed the D.C. Court’s ruling; the net result is that the NLRB is operating when it shouldn’t be.

Unfair  to  Unions  and  Businesses  Affected  by  200+  Decisions

Despite the ruling that Obama’s January 2012 move was unconstitutional, he still has the NLRB going about its business.  As Lou Dobbs noted, “He doesn’t have much regard for checks and balances.”  (Not news to us, but should be reaffirmed periodically just in case part of Obamination is open to spiritual renewal.)

The Circuit Court’s decision means that the previous 200 decisions by the NLRB are in question, yet Obama has it “operating under his own fiat” (Dobbs).  To make the situation worse, the panel has made an additional 26 decisions since then.  These would have to be added to the original 200 to be retried should the Supreme Court uphold the Circuit Court’s ruling, a distinct possibility.

Dobbs, not in a particularly good mood due to the President’s shenanigans, stated simply that Obama is essentially telling everyone “to go to hell.”  That aptly describes where our national hand basket has been headed for the last four years.


1 – “Obama Plays Cat and Mouse with Congress and His NLRB Appointments,” www.CartaRemi.wordpress.com, 1/28/2013
2 – “pro forma” session is when “a senator would gavel an empty chamber to order every few days and then recess again. (David Jackson, USA Today article printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/26/2013)  My note: The Senate did this because the President deliberately nominated these two just before Congress was to recess for the holidays in 2011.  Wishing to stop this sham, the Senate employed a legal practice of remaining in “pro forma session,” thus blocking Obama’s attempt to act because they knew he would later claim that Congress was not in session forcing him to use his authority (which he did).  The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed with him last month.

Fired H.S. Asst. Principal, His Supporters and “Scandal”

Definition:  “scandal” – “is a word or action evil in itself, which occasions another’s spiritual ruin… It is not the physical cause of a neighbor’s sin, but only the moral cause, or occasion… and as such it [scandal] exercises on the will of another an influence more or less great which induces to sin.”1

We live in an era of politicians getting away with obvious untruths and expecting the absurd to be accepted with greater unquestioning “faith” than that given to Church teachings.  To some, this may be “scandalous” in the modern sense, but more closely related to “shocking” than to the classical “scandal.”

The Catholic Church has guarded the faith carefully because of the earlier definition in the first paragraph.  Teaching error, as is the case with most sins, affects more than the individual committing it.  It is this particular concern which the Archdiocese of Cincinnati had with the issue of Mike Moroski and his personal blog.  His statements afterward, and those of some of his supporters, could come under both versions.  Either way the situation was unfortunate.  But it was also very necessary that he be fired on February 11 from his administrative and teaching position at Purcell-Marian High School in Cincinnati.2


Moroski  posted his support for “gay marriage” on his personal blog.  He acknowledged “that he violated the Archdiocese’s social media policy.  The contract he signs every year also requires him to ‘comply with and act consistently in accordance with the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.’”  Moroski was put on administrative leave Feb. 4 and given the opportunity to recant his blog statements and thus, retain his position at the high school.3,4

Significance  of  Actions

These agreements are required because the Archdiocese of Cincinnati operates Purcell-Marian.2  Both have the responsibility to ensure that Church doctrines are taught and presented accurately.  All Catholics, not just priests, are morally bound to defend critical Church teachings to the best of their abilities5 to avoid the earlier version of “scandal” – communicating an error which misleads others; and subsequently into wrongdoing.  Those in official positions of authority are also bound contractually, as Mike Moroski was.


When he refused to remove his statement from his blog, he said, “I believe in Catholicism, but my conscience will not permit me to recant my statement.  I put it up there because I really, truly, honestly believe it.” The newspaper added that he said he “‘knew the statement I was making was not in accordance with Roman Catholic beliefs,’ but he does not think he violated the contract because he was following his conscience.”2

His stated belief in Catholicism and having the courage to act on his own beliefs is certainly admirable.  But how could a teacher in his 12th year at a Catholic high school (including ten years at Moeller) continue to sign a contract whose explicit expectations were so opposed to at least one of his beliefs?  There is no mention of, nor would one expect there to be, a provision in the contract which allowed a school administrator to publicly contradict a Church doctrine because of conscience, well-formed or otherwise.

Letters  to  the  Editor

The local secular newspaper published a majority of comments in Moroski’s defense.  Powell Grant’s letter 3included, “There is no reason why marriage should be denied to any couple that loves each other.”  (except that the author of marriage, God-and not the state, explicitly forbids same-gender sex)  “No one is ever harmed by someone else’s marriage.”  (just the couple who is violating the 6th Commandment… or anyone influenced by their actions to do likewise… uh, oh, “scandal” would be occurring here, too)  “Recent polls indicate a majority of Americans have reached the same conclusion [that prohibiting homosexual couples from marrying is unjust].”  (hm, I just happened to have posted an article on moral truths not being subject to popular opinion, 2/11/2013)

Carolyn Schultz3 brought up a good point that Obama-Biden bumper stickers have been prevalent at Purcell-Marian.  Her implication was that that it’s no different from what Moroski did on his blog, expecting readers would reach the conclusion that he should be exonerated.  Actually, they should go the other direction and bring those teachers to task for their open support of disordered behavior!

All of the pro-Moroski writers are probably well-intentioned, but it cannot be ignored that they are like the rest of 50% “Catholic vote” in perpetuating the moral errors promoted by the President.  In their opinion, his victory last November justifies his rewriting of things spiritual as if they were things of state.

Beth Egbers was one respondent who understands the gravity of this situation regarding the sanctity of marriage. She wrote, “They can choose to offend God, but when they are leading Catholic students astray6, they are multiplying their offense exponentially.  The fact that Moroski has been educated at Xavier and Notre Dame says a lot, unfortunately.”3

Yes it does, very unfortunately.  Just as these universities used poor judgment7, now their former students are spreading error on critical issues.  I hope this teacher and his supporters gain a valuable lesson about “scandal.”

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4 — WLW radio reported the Moroski’s option during the week of February 4
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6 – and therefore, is an example of scandal in the classical sense
7 – Xavier University retracted its position on contraceptives and abortifacients and resumed coverage of these in its insurance policies last year.  Notre Dame invited President Obama to give the commencement exercise in 2009, which included the usual honorary degree.   Unfortunately, it was to someone who holds many of the Church’s teachings in contempt and works to stifle them.