Is The Weather Channel [TWC] Trying to be The Obama News [“TON”]?

In the early days of cable television, the incentive to buy cable service was that the monthly fees would eliminate the need for commercials.  A blast-from-the-past, I’m sure, probably not remembered by anyone under age 50.

Another incentive for the new cable TV was that it offered specialized channels, so that one knew what to expect.  But, as has become the case with “no commercials,” not so anymore… at least with the Weather Channel for quite some time now.

In just the last seven or eight days, we have seen an inordinate amount of Obama-related stuff supplanting weather issues.  First, it was an excerpt from his news conference where he urged Congress for cooperation lest we meet the dire consequences of the Sequestration.  (Well, Obama could be viewed as an “upper level low” which would wreak havoc with Middle America.)

After the deadline passed, TWC had a scene from a national park with the announcer’s comment that as the budget cuts hit, “Will it affect your travel plans?  Find out…”  (I don’t know, maybe, we won’t be able to afford the sun anymore?)

Finally today, we get a clip of our Fearless Leader announcing his choices to run the Energy Department and the EPA.  (Is it weather news because the new EPA administrator will require Mother Nature to file environmental impact statements before His Presidency will allow named storms to be formed in the future?)

The results of last November 6 proved that 50.7% of those who voted have an undying and blind faith in the President and his words.  Out of respect for the rest of us, please take this TON of presidential publicity somewhere else, and give us back our Weather Channel!


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