The Leahy Family Exemplifies the Joy of Music

I had the good fortune to witness another exuberant performance of the Leahy Family on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University on Monday, March 4.1  This magical group from Lakefield, Ontario brings acclaim to its Celtic heritage with every concert.  Seven of the eleven Leahy siblings are making the current tour which sees them perform eight times in six U.S. locations covering just nine days (March 2-10).  Hopefully, they will have enough reserve energy for a two-day stint in Vancouver on March 15-16!

Describing the particular genre in which their music belongs is as difficult as trying to give them the accolades they deserve.  Their web site indicates they have won these awards: “Junos for Best New Group, Best Country Group, and Best Instrumental Album, the most played folk/roots song in Canada in 2004 and the Socan award for Folk/Jazz instrumentalist the following year.”

Perhaps their music could be considered as a “non-twangy” ancestor to U.S. bluegrass because they usually play the violin as a “fiddle,” that is, until they transition into a beautiful, almost classical number from Eastern Europe.  They are predominantly instrumental,2 but when they sing, it could pass for “pop” or “easy listening.”

“Leahy” has come to mean boundless in energy and talent.  No matter what kind of a day you may be experiencing, they will never fail to lift your spirits — even if you are suffering from the Sequestration Blues.  (Maybe they should perform for our federal government.  The ensuing spirit of goodwill might make history.)

Enough of my inadequate blogging as it’s keeping you from checking out their web site (  Be sure to hear them either in one of their visits to the Lower 48 or by CD and DVD.  Your outlook will blossom even in a relentless winter!

1 – My first Leahy concert was a couple of years ago in my hometown of Cincinnati, or one hundred miles from this week’s venue.  Yes, they are worth the drive!
2 – including piano, guitar, drums, electric bass guitar and occasional banjo


2 thoughts on “The Leahy Family Exemplifies the Joy of Music

  1. I will check them out thank you!!! I love country music. And my one experience with the people in Eastern Kentucky when my car broke down there is that there are WONDERFUL kind people who live there!

    • True, Southern Hospitality really gets into gear when one crosses the Ohio River! [As a native Ohioan, there may be repercussions for me 🙂 ] I’m still amazed how I became a fan of the Leahy’s because I tend to prefer Big Band, modern jazz, easy listening. They not only perform, but they exude great personality. Thanks for your comment! P.S. There are many kind people in smaller cities and towns north of Cincinnati. You’ll find that many of them have southern roots.

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