Gentle, But Serious Reminder in Pope Francis’ First Papal Homily

Today, in his first homily as the leader of the Church, Pope Francis said that “to profess to do good things, but without professing Jesus Christ, is just being worldly and being worldly is what Satan teaches.”

What I took from this is that we must be careful that, as we busily go about promoting and accomplishing “good things,” it must be apparent that we do this because we are following the commands of our Lord.  It is His mission, not ours.  If we sanitize our actions publically so that we are simply being pragmatic and politically correct, it puts us in Satan’s camp.  He wants us to think that we can do anything without God and without giving Him the credit He deserves for His guidance and blessings.   It becomes all about us and the praise we feel we deserve.

An EWTN commentator mentioned that the Pope quoted a French author who said that if we aren’t praying to God, then we are praying to Satan.

We have heard many times that our lives should be as a prayer to God.  The stark reality is that our lives are either a witness to our loyalty in the all-good Creator or we are siding with the Prince of Darkness.  There is no middle ground.  Do not be deceived!


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