Margaret Thatcher’s Message Must Live On in Britain AND in the U.S.

“The problem with socialism is that, sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money.”  — quote from Margaret Thatcher as remembered by Stuart Varney1

The free world lost one of its all-times greats today with the passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher, as she was called on British news services.  The other half of the Reagan-Thatcher Dynamic Duo has completed her final chapter in the history books.  With this comes the reminder that those of us who do not learn history will be bound to repeat its mistakes.

Thatcher  Protected  Her  Nation  From  Losing  Sovereignty

She was not pleased with Britain’s involvement in the Common Market and was vehemently opposed to her nation joining the Euro economy.  As Stuart Varney recalled, she was against any situation which would render her people subject to laws formulated on the continent and outside of their control.  The accelerating Euro economic turmoil has proven her point.

She  Saved  Britain  Then,  Perhaps  Us  Now

Mr. Varney, born a British subject, said he would not have left his home country in early 1973 had she been in office earlier.  His departure was initiated by the realization that the British individual had little chance to succeed in an economy becoming more and more socialist.  When she began what would be an eleven year reign as prime minister in 1979, the British government controlled many industries.  She sold many of the government’s holdings back into the private sector.  Although it took a while for the British economy to be revitalized, she stuck with her plan despite significant criticism.  In time, it became possible once again for people to succeed on the basis of their talents and drive.  As a result Britain regained not only a healthy economy, but a leadership position in the protection of freedom.

Or as he put it, “she restored Britain to more of what the U.S. was – and used to be.”  We should ponder his comment as we permit, and some expect, Big Brother to be the provider and moral decision-maker in our lives.

1 – as broadcast by Fox News this morning


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