Abortion Proponent Shows His Camp’s Pro-Slavery Mentality

“An underdeveloped fetus incapable of surviving outside the womb belongs to the human being carrying it, not to you, your church or your government.”1


A century and a half after a bitter civil war to end human ownership of other humans in the United States and we still have this?

So, when does this human cease being owned:  when he/she is born or when the child is capable of eating without assistance?  Does the lien on the child’s body expire when leaving home to go to kindergarten on a bus and ownership transfers to the school district which is more capable of raising the child than the owner-parents?  Can freedom not be granted until the attainment of a high school diploma or must emancipation be delayed until the object leaves home?  Perhaps human property remains as such until married to another human who has also been owned by either parents or school or federal government up to that moment?

It used to be much simpler when we recognized that human life comes from our Creator and regardless of an individual’s dependence on us, we are only stewards of human life, not the owners.  Of course, if one does not believe in a Creator, then a lot of current “equality” causes and “rights issues” being proposed in Congress or debated before the Supreme Court make sense after all.

1 – Part of a letter written by David Hoeltje, printed in USA Today’s “Your Say” column, 4/2/2013


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