“This Is My Body” — How Will We Live It?

On this Feast of Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ), Deacon Harry Settle, Jr.1 gave a remarkable homily at St. Joseph’s Church in Cold Spring, KY.  He briefly recounted our human history during which we recognized very early that “we are not in charge.”  Early man had an appreciation for the forces greater than him.  Even before the prophets, humans knew that respect for a greater being was called for.

To be complete, worship must be accompanied with some form of a sacrifice in order to “give to God what is God’s.”  It was true in all religious practices before Christ and He replaced it with His perfect sacrifice of the Mass.

The one statement which stood out the most was the reminder of Christ’s words at the Last Supper, repeated at every Consecration:  “This is My Body, which will be given up for you.”

Mr. Settle contrasted that with the prevailing secular philosophy of “This is my body.  I’ll do with it what I want.”  This should cause those of the “pro-choice” camp to give serious pause.

1 – Mr. Settle was ordained a transitional deacon by Bishop Roger Foys of Covington this spring and is on track to be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Covington next year.


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