Put On a P.C.* Face

(*Politically Correct, and sung to the tune of “Put On a Happy Face”)

Spending is not an issue,
Put on a P.C. face.
Obamacare will wreck you,
Put on a P.C. Face.

Take off old-fashioned air of privacy,
Religious Right.
You’ll do much better; you’ll fit in,
If you give up the fight.

Pick out same-gender partner,
States claim that you can “wed.”
We’ll tell the kindergarteners,
What can be done in bed.

And spread condoms all over the place,
Just put on a P.C. face!

And if you’ve spent much more than you have earned,
It’s not your fault.
Follow GM and Banks who never learned,
Open Fed’s vaults.

“Pro-Choice” pervades the White House,
Humans are just a thing.
Displays of faith must be doused,
Take all the guns we “cling.”

Exec orders all over the place.
Just put on a P.C. face!


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