“ALT” (Appreciating the Little Things): TWC and Music for “Local Weather on the 8’s”

Why  This  New   Series?

News travels so much faster because emerging technologies can “take you there” in almost an instant.  And since “news” tends to be of the tragic or negative varieties, it’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the avalanche and unwittingly begin to contribute to the negative with our own communications.

With that in mind, I have made a pre-New Year’s resolution to look for and report on some of the positives occurring in everyday life.  They don’t have to be considered major events because a bunch of little positives can add up to lift the spirits of many.  We all know that we can accomplish more good when our outlook is on the plus side, opposite to apathy or being downcast.

Kudos  to  The  Weather  Channel

This first one may seem quite trivial to most, but I want to express my thanks to The Weather Channel for settling on a very pleasant theme for their “local weather on the 8’s” or at least as they did for the Cincinnati area.

For the last couple of years, they were digressing with an ever-increasing variety of styles and extremes bordering on cacophony.  If you were in another room waiting for the periodic forecast, you couldn’t tell if they were running a commercial for a sponsor or one of their reality series.  The subject of weather was the last thing it could be.  It was as if they wanted to appeal to every age group with a tag name (Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generations X-Y-Z-AA-BB-just kidding).  About the only group they ignored was the “Greatest Generation.”  This was unfortunate because a little Big Band would have been a great relief.  In addition, the quasi-heavy metal themes at 2AM were a shock to the peace of that hour!

But, now, they have settled on a fantastic, single music theme which goes well at any hour of the day or night.  It’s a simple, light-hearted instrumental in an optimistic key, if you’ll pardon my non-musically trained description.  And, because it’s always the same music, you know what’s coming—your local forecast, which is probably why you turned to that channel in the first place.  Thank you, Weather Channel!

P.S.  After posting this article, another thought occurred.  We are familiar with the “CTRL-ALT-Del” sequence on our p.c.’s.  Attempting to control or delete things in our lives may be a necessary evil, but conveys a negative emotion.  Thus, the “ALT” or alternative approach of this series may be a positive in its name alone.


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