NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Mayor de Blasio is Forgetting Some Important Groups

It was announced that New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio would not be attending the nation’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in his city because homosexual participants are not permitted to carry any sign or banner which identifies them as such.1

 The mayor is clearly a man of his time.

Since 1762, it has been understood that this annual parade was simply a celebration of the ethnic heritage of one of our nation’s largest immigration groups.1  Mr. de Blasio is smart enough to recognize that proponents of politically correct causes are now able to force their unfounded messages onto inappropriate venues without danger of being stopped.  In addition, those promoting several hedonistic changes are able to spin these issues, with the blessings of much of the news media, so successfully that the invaded party is viewed as the bully.

With divisive spirit becoming the law of the land, it’s time to remind New York City’s mayor that there are other groups being shut out of the public limelight, too.  For him to be remembered as a champion of our society’s decline, these groups have to be validated:

1)   It’s high time that heterosexuals who believe in having affairs outside of marriage be allowed to carry banners proclaiming their infidelity in parades.  The goal of this public display is to convince those who criticize their behavior into conceding that the Ten Commandments are outdated in this regard, too.

2)   For too long, those who enjoy using obscenities in the entertainment world and the public square have had to deal with the disapproval of uptight traditionalists.  These mistreated individuals should be permitted to carry signs saying, “I’m a blasphemer and #@X! proud of it” and so forth.  Even if it doesn’t sway the adults, at least it will show children how the new “tolerance” can expand their social skills.

3)   When this is accomplished, then we can really get to the crucial issues of public awareness.  Other human frailties such as coping with high blood pressure or having to wear bifocals should be proclaimed with parade floats whenever possible.

Only then can true equality be achieved.

1 — “Boston, NYC mayors to skip St. Pat’s parades, by Denise Lavoie, USA Today, 2/27/2014


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