To Northern Kentuckians: Both National and Kentucky Right to Life Endorse Sen. McConnell

Tuesday’s primary election is the first step for the Republican Party in attempting to take control of the Senate this coming November. With the current disregard for the dignity of human life, Natural Law and the U.S. Constitution permeating the White House and its followers in Congress, the importance of this election cannot be overstated.

For U.S. Senator from Kentucky, Matt Bevin is challenging fellow Republican and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It should be clear that the mere fact of being the incumbent should not be a guarantee of another term. However, Sen. McConnell’s position of influence must not be dismissed in the voters’ minds. His defeat would not transfer his power to Mr. Bevin even if the challenger were able to pull a surprise by winning a difficult campaign against a Democrat who has already received public support from the Clintons visiting the commonwealth.

From the national perspective, a key issue in the minds of many Republican voters is the respect of human life. Anyone who can rationalize any form of murder cannot be trusted with more mundane things like the federal deficit, foreign policy, environmental issues, etc. Thus, many turn to the national Right to Life or to the state and local chapters to learn where the candidates stand on this, the most fundamental of all rights.

Northern KY Right to Life’s Endorsement…

Given Sen. McConnell’s well-known efforts and reputation to protect the most vulnerable of humans, it was surprising to see that Northern Kentucky Right to Life was endorsing his challenger instead. Apparently, it stemmed from the senator’s failure to respond to their usual pre-primary questionnaire. On their site, the organization states that “NKRTL advises the candidates that a non-response can only be interpreted as unfavorable in that they either oppose the Pro-life positions, or are disinterested in these vital issues.” This is certainly their prerogative.

They went on to say that “None of the four Democrats made any response, which is fairly common in our experience, and on the Republican side only two responded. Only Matt Bevin’s responses were totally Pro-Life. He is running against the incumbent US senator, Mitch McConnell (R), who made no answer to our question. When McConnell first ran for this office in 1984, he made mostly Pro-Life answers to our questionnaire, but since they were not totally Pro-Life, and NKRTL-PAC’s policy prohibits it from making any endorsement to any candidate who does not answer the questionnaire or does not give totally Pro-Life answers, we did not endorse him. In all of his subsequent races now for the past 30 years, he has ignored our questionnaire, which is not very inspirational to Pro-Life voters. Accordingly, NKRTL-PAC endorses Matt Bevin (R) based upon his 100% Pro-Life answers to our questionnaire, and also notes that he is the father of nine children (several adopted) and has attended NKRTL’s most recent
Celebration of Life in 2013.”

… Is at Odds With National and Kentucky Right to Life

Absent of any other information about the senator, it would be reasonable to support the challenger Mr. Bevin on this issue. HOWEVER,

Why did National Right to Life post this on September 18, 2013?: “National Right to Life today joined with its state affiliate, Kentucky Right to Life, in issuing a ringing endorsement of Senator Mitch McConnell’s re-election to the United States Senate, calling the lawmaker ‘irreplaceable’ for the pro-life cause.”

“’For many years, Senator McConnell has been among the most effective legislative champions of the pro-life cause – and the most skillful obstacle to the forces pushing radical anti-life agendas,’ said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, at a press conference in Louisville. National Right to Life, the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, is the federation of state right-to-life groups.”

“In a letter to Sen. McConnell announcing the endorsement, National Right to Life leaders said, ‘You have fought tirelessly in defense of the most vulnerable members of the human family, and for that we are deeply grateful. Those who care first about innocent human life recognize that your continued leadership in the U.S. Senate is irreplaceable.’”

“A Mind of Its Own” Complex?

Yes, it would have been nice for the senator to have responded to NKRTL’s request. It’s understandable that they feel neglected. But why is NKRTL going against the appraisals of its two parent organizations who have a greater view of the Pro-Life landscape? NKRTL doesn’t present any information which would prove those endorsements to be faulty.

This is not the first instance of their taking a maverick course of action on this major issue. In 2004, there was a disagreement between them and the estimable Bishop Roger Foys of Covington which caused him, as shepherd of the local Church, to restrict his priests from a particular association with NKRTL. The author leaves the research to the reader.


The May 20th primary in Kentucky is a key stepping stone toward the road to a possible Republican takeover of the Senate in November. Losing this seat could neutralize gains made in other states where Democrats are in trouble.

This urgency, however, does not grant him or any other Republican incumbents the right to an automatic re-election to his seat in the Senate. The country needs competent Republicans, not just anyone who isn’t following the Democrats’ platform. Recognizing this, it must be remembered that Senator McConnell became the Minority Leader on more than just showing up for work. The influence he has earned is also important to the nation, not just the citizens of Kentucky.

Northern Kentuckians should disregard the near-sighted position of NKRTL, and they can be certain that their Pro-Life confidence in Senator McConnell is justified.


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