Let’s Think for a Moment, Why Would Anyone Seek “Fear”?

Our human condition is home to an array of emotions. Some are uplifting, promote the joy of life and regenerate our spirits. Others, while necessary for survival, take a high toll on us and will destroy us gradually if present for an extended period.

“Fear” can be useful in the short term when it incites us to act against a threat. It is life’s equivalent of football’s “two-minute” drill. It can be effective at crunch time. However, excessive and even unnecessary fear only erodes us. Fear is best left in life’s tool kit to be brought out only when necessary.

Consequently, it was perplexing to see this recent promotion for a new roller coaster at a nearby amusement park: “Each visit brings something new. In this case, 4,124 feet of fear.” (1) The ad’s backdrop included an ominous night setting for its graphic.

With all of the negative forces surrounding us daily, we need uplifting leisure activities. This promotion, like many others, tries to entice us with the opposite.

1 – May-July 2014 issue of Rewards Magazine


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