Union Matters are More Important than State and Federal Elections?

The issue of requiring photo ID’s in order to vote has one of the most clearly defined battle lines in the minds of the general population. Democrats and the ACLU clearly don’t want it because they claim it discriminates against minority voters and addresses a voter fraud issue which they don’t believe exists, despite data to the contrary.1,2,3

This made a friend’s information very interesting. He is not a member of a political party and belongs to the city workers’ union of a major Ohio city. Knowing the predominance of Democrats and Obama supporters among his fellow union members, he found it ironic that he was required to present a photo ID in order to vote in a union election!

Could this contradiction be an aberration not found elsewhere among the proponents of less-secure elections?

Not surprisingly, it isn’t. In King County, Washington, the executives of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587 announced that “Your King County or Washington State picture ID is required to cast your vote.”4

Meanwhile, “The United Auto Workers Local 6000 has compared concerns about voter fraud to belief in the fictional Loch Ness monster and Yeti.” In addition, they claim that the American Legislative Exchange Council’s goal of requiring photo ID’s for general elections is for hindering those voters who are likely to support a “progressive” agenda. Yet, they require a photo ID to be presented whenever one of their members wishes to opt out of paying union dues as an exercise of his freedom under Michigan’s new right-to-work law.5

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98’s election notice of September 25, 2014 indicated that “Members will be asked to present a Local 98 membership card, driver’s license, or other similar form of identification at the polls.” Five Executive Board positions were at stake, more important than Congressional members, state governors or even the U.S. presidency?

So, why the requirement of photo identification at these union elections?

Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center wrote it best:

“They (union officials) would probably say this is the only way to protect the validity of the election, and to insure that both the losing and winning sides respect the outcome.
They would probably also say it is not fair to union members when non-members cast ballots, because doing so might cancel out the decision of eligible voters, or otherwise affect the result of a union election. Further, not maintaining voter standards would undermine public confidence that the serving union leaders are the true choice of the membership.
Exactly. In this case the union is right, and state lawmakers pass voter ID laws for the same reasons.”4

Electoral integrity should not be invoked to protect one’s turf when in the majority. It’s about protecting the system which defends our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

1 – “Democrats push back against voter ID laws,” by Stephanie Condon, CBS News, 5/17/2012
2 – “’Thousands of cases’ of voter fraud in North Carolina,” by Ed Morrissey, 4/3/2014, http://www.hotair.com
3 – “Obama: The ‘Real Voter Fraud’ Comes From ‘People Who Try To Deny Our Rights’” posted 4/11/2014 on http://www.huffingtonpost.com
4 – “Union requires photo ID to vote,” by Paul Guppy (Vice President for Research), http://www.washingtonpolicy.org, 9/3/2014
5 – “Union Says Photo IDs not Necessary to Vote – Unless You Vote to Leave Union,” by Tom Gantert of Michigan CapCon, 10/10/2014, posted on http://www.thedailydrift.com


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