Ad for Colorado Sen. Udall Displays Democrats’ Disregard for the Intrinsic Evil of Abortion

Like any hotly contested election, the 2014 Battle for the Senate exposes the true philosophies of those involved. In Colorado, an ad for Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall attempts to cast his opponent, Cory Gardner (R-CO, 4th district), in a bad light by stating that Gardner would support making abortion a felony.1

Really, is Gardner serious?!

How could he think of making the wanton killing of an innocent human a felony?

… Come on, Democrats, stop ignoring the obvious: Abortion is not a “women’s issue,” but an all-encompassing human rights issue. Killing the vulnerable affects all of society. Its rationalization demeans human life and makes us increasingly desensitized to other atrocities. Eventually, no amount of civil law will fix a morally rotten nation.

1 – The assumption is that the perpetrators of abortion would be guilty of a felony. Different consideration could be given to the mother who is often under duress when she makes the decision to have an abortion.


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