At last, It’s Pre-Dawn in America!

Returning control of the Senate to the Republicans was the first step toward ending our 6-year nightmare of: accelerating national debt, illegal actions against those who disagree with the Administration, suppression of freedom of religion, misrepresentation of the health of the nation’s economy, encouraging reliance on the federal government and abandonment of our allies. Should also mention unconstitutional changes in laws, covering up overseas murders to ensure election victory, subsidized sex and killing of innocents, normalizing disordered behavior, looking into the private lives of citizens while looking the other way on issues of national security, closing the door on deliberation in the Senate, but keeping the doors wide open for voter fraud under the guise of discrimination. This list is far from complete. In short, the shining city on a hill had fallen into the Valley of Darkness by a mudslide of its own doing.

This all-night party proceeded as if there was no concern for our nation’s future or for our individual eternal lives. Just as all are affected when some members of the family stay up all night reveling irresponsibly in our house, we, too, will have to deal with his hangover. But deal with it we must. The key will be whether the ringleader of the orgy, President Obama , will consent to the wisdom of timeless values and cooperate with the voters’ reprimand in yesterday’s mid-term election. He may still have his pen, but his phone has been disconnected.

However, the Republicans should know that Obama’s reprimand is also a stern word of caution to them, too. The public is not particularly enamored with them either. Passing on this two-year window of opportunity will not be without its punishment.

The clean-up begins immediately. May Congress and the President work together sincerely so that we may soon greet another “Morning in America”! 1

1– recalling the theme of President Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984


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