Obama Either Sees Islamic Terrorism as Useful or He’s Afraid of It

Forty-four nations sent high-ranking officials to Paris yesterday for the march of unity against terrorism… but not the U.S.

Sure, as Bret Baier reported on Fox News this morning, our ambassador to France was there. However, this pales in comparison to seeing the likes of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Germany’s Angela Merkel participating in the center of the world’s stage.1

The Administration’s biggest slam to this event comes from the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder had been meeting with the French interior minister in Paris– but was not sent either! Fox News also reported that Secretary of State John Kerry will go from India to Paris on Thursday. Is this a sufficient delay so as not to ruffle the feathers of the Islamic world?

Oh, the President and his people can claim a concern for having sufficient security on such a short notice. But as Baier pointed out, that falls apart when considering both the high level of security already present for such a gathering of international leaders plus the obvious higher risk that Islamic target Netanyahu had for being there.1 Not to mention Jordan’s King Abdullah was present, too.2

At least our leader is consistent. Whether it was trying to deflect criticism of the Benghazi tragedy to aid his reelection bid or being timid in the Syrian conflict or enabling Iran to develop nuclear weapons while wanting to disarm his own people, President Obama seems unwilling to oppose evil, or when he does, he’s an inning or two behind the rest of the game.

Our ability to address this serious flaw of the President must start with defining the issue: Does he welcome the chaos Islamic terrorism creates because it diverts attention from his unconstitutional actions at home or is he simply afraid of it?

1 – He reiterated his determination to eliminate terrorism with: “’Today I walked the streets of Paris with the leaders of the world, to say enough terrorism; the time has come to fight terrorism,’ Netanyahu said to the crowd of hundreds of French Jews,” from “Netanyahu speaking at French synagogue: Enough with terror, posted by The Jerusalem Post, 1/12/2015, http://www.jpost.com