Obama Either Sees Islamic Terrorism as Useful or He’s Afraid of It

Forty-four nations sent high-ranking officials to Paris yesterday for the march of unity against terrorism… but not the U.S.

Sure, as Bret Baier reported on Fox News this morning, our ambassador to France was there. However, this pales in comparison to seeing the likes of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Germany’s Angela Merkel participating in the center of the world’s stage.1

The Administration’s biggest slam to this event comes from the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder had been meeting with the French interior minister in Paris– but was not sent either! Fox News also reported that Secretary of State John Kerry will go from India to Paris on Thursday. Is this a sufficient delay so as not to ruffle the feathers of the Islamic world?

Oh, the President and his people can claim a concern for having sufficient security on such a short notice. But as Baier pointed out, that falls apart when considering both the high level of security already present for such a gathering of international leaders plus the obvious higher risk that Islamic target Netanyahu had for being there.1 Not to mention Jordan’s King Abdullah was present, too.2

At least our leader is consistent. Whether it was trying to deflect criticism of the Benghazi tragedy to aid his reelection bid or being timid in the Syrian conflict or enabling Iran to develop nuclear weapons while wanting to disarm his own people, President Obama seems unwilling to oppose evil, or when he does, he’s an inning or two behind the rest of the game.

Our ability to address this serious flaw of the President must start with defining the issue: Does he welcome the chaos Islamic terrorism creates because it diverts attention from his unconstitutional actions at home or is he simply afraid of it?

1 – He reiterated his determination to eliminate terrorism with: “’Today I walked the streets of Paris with the leaders of the world, to say enough terrorism; the time has come to fight terrorism,’ Netanyahu said to the crowd of hundreds of French Jews,” from “Netanyahu speaking at French synagogue: Enough with terror, posted by The Jerusalem Post, 1/12/2015, http://www.jpost.com



11 thoughts on “Obama Either Sees Islamic Terrorism as Useful or He’s Afraid of It

  1. At the time of the Paris attacks I read that the U.S. administration tends to reduce military capacity in Europe – for financial reasons, they say. I wonder if this is an appropriate time for these news, when EU countries are more threatened by the islamists than the USA. Obama should note that if the U.S. does not stand up for Europe, Europe will not stand up for the U.S. either.

    • Totally agree. Our allies have had so many reasons to doubt our resolve in making a world a better place since the beginning of Obama’s first term. My hope is that the 50.5% of the voters who supported him in 2012, wake up, become rational, and help the rest of us return sanity to our nation’s policies (if it’s not already too late). — Tony

      • Worldwide? I’ll try and remain polite. The biggest threat to global security comes not from a few hundred criminals, but from the American right wing. The American right wing have seriously misjudged the situation in Paris, France, and to cap it all their only ‘fix’ is the one that has so far, after 15 years, failed: to slaughter large numbers of people.

      • It IS worldwide and has impacted elections as far apart as Spain and Australia. The goal to convert or to kill is a directive in the “constitution”, the Qu’ran,” of 1.2 billion Muslims. To date, it’s more than just a “few hundred criminals” and is gaining momentum rapidly.

        We can debate the efficacy of U.S. involvement in the Middle East, an area which has been at war for millenia, and will never end unless the Arabs are successful in wiping out the Chosen People. It’s hard for each generation to stand back and let the murders of innocents continue.

        Now that you mention it, perhaps we should be concentrating our efforts to stop the mass murders which liberals are especially fond of: abortion. 55 million in the U.S. and 1.7 billion worldwide in the last 40 years. That’s something to be appalled about.

      • What complete poppycock. Australia, for example – are you saying that the ‘conservative’ government was elected with the help of terrorists? Of course it wasn’t. As for your repeated claim to this being ‘worldwide’ please cite an example of an ISIS attack that has taken place anywhere in South America. But wait… are you in fact conflating a criminal organisation with a whole body of people, a whole religion?

      • Agreed, the impact in Australia was far less than in Spain. It primarily involved only the withdrawal of a candidate who made some uneducated statements and also received threats to her, her family and party.
        Aside from that, for being about 1/6 of the world’s population, there’s an inordinate amount of Islamic involvement in on-going conflicts. It’s not restricted to terrorist attacks or ISIS. South America hasn’t been attacked yet, give it time. We need to remember that Islamic projects are not run by the short-sighted business focus found in most U.S. companies. They look at the big picture. Time is not important.

        Chechnya has had a long history of non-Islamic trouble, but recent activity from the 1990s involves Islamic separatists. Macedonia had difficulties starting in the first decade of the 21st century.

        Christians in the Middle East are being systematically pushed out or killed.

        South Sudan (indigenous Africans with Christian ties) which gained status as a country a few years ago continues to be plagued by the North (mostly Arab and Islamic). This has been going on since 1955. Uprisings in Mali starting in 2012. Somalia, then Kenya because they dared to help the Somalians, Nigeria and others have had murderous times at the hands of opportunistic Islamic groups looking to gain inroads because of the unfortunate presence of corrupt governments on that continent.

        In a city near Detroit, here in the U.S., has an essentially closed Islamic community where law enforcement is reluctant to defend Christians who are not welcomed.

        This is not all-inclusive, I have other writing projects to address. The French Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc was correct when he wrote in his 1938 book “The Great Heresies,” that post-Caliphate, “There is no leader as yet, but enthusiasm might bring one and there are signs enough in the political heavens today of what we may have to expect from the revolt of Islam at some future date — perhaps not far distant.”

        As mentioned earlier, conversion/conquest in whatever form is available is part of their constitution. Too many American forget that the Crusades, while developing some faults of their own later, were initiated to stop the Muslim conquest of Europe. In fact, 1492 is important to Spain more so for the final elimination of Moor occupation…… I am curious as to how you feel about American liberals promoting the far greater, massive slaughter of the unborn in our own country.

  2. So you accept that ‘worldwide’ was an inappropriate word. But you still apparently insist that every muslim is a terrorist. Have you read my post where I essentially point out the fallacy of a doctrine that seeks to demonise a whole people for the sins of one (or more)? Perhaps not. As for your deflection onto the subject of the legal medical procedure of abortion, I’m not playing. Have a great day.

    • Apologies if it seemed that I believe all Muslims are terrorists. Far from it. My point is that we must not be naive to believe that the problems are a result of extremists. Fortunately for the world, a vast majority of Muslims don’t follow all of their faith’s core directives seriously when it comes to converting he world.

      I also appreciate not demonising the whole because of a minority. If that were the case, one could blast the Catholic Church because many U.S. politicians and citizens believe abortion, contraception and same sex “marriage” are OK just because secular law says it is despite the fact that these acts go against the Ten Commandments and basic Natural Law.

      You seem to be someone who wants the world to get along better and for that I commend you. WE need more of that. Best of luck in the rest of your journey!

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