Music From the Greatest Generation: Count Basie and WMKV-FM

Count Basie Sign

Music enthusiasts were recipients of an energizing performance by the Count Basie Orchestra in the ballroom of Cincinnati’s Music Hall on Thursday, February 5. The uplifting experience was another in the series of concerts brought to the city by Big Band station WMKV-FM, typically three bands per calendar year.

Count Basie 020515 Count Base dance floor 020515 A

The evening’s three hours included Basie’s signature “One O’Clock Jump”, the cheery “Freckle Face”, the contemplative “In the Wee Hours of the Morning”, the late night sound of “Soft as Velvet” and Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll.”

Melba Joyce, Count Basie 020515 Melba Joyce, Count Basie 020515 A

Topping off the evening were several numbers sung by Melba Joyce throughout the concert. Her rendition of “You’ve Changed”, took the listener back to an era when vocals were truly a classy art form. Lynn Richardson of the New York Times described it perfectly when she once said, 1

“Melba Joyce, jazz singer hushed the room with a big soprano voice that was like a soft, string wind.”

That feeling was certainly repeated in the Cincinnati performance!

Melba Joyce web site

The Count Basie Orchestra and Ms. Joyce remind us that despite the overbearing weight of the Depression and World War II which followed, musicians of that time continued to fuel the optimistic spirit of their determined fellow citizens… Something we can use today!

Count Basie dance floor 020515


Glenn Miller 0514 sign Glenn Miller 0514

(the Glenn Miller Orchestra as it appeared in Cincinnati’s Music Hall, May 2014)

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