Baltimore Councilman Brandon Scott and John 3:20 Call it Right, Would Have Reduced Monday’s Destruction

This Baltimore councilman, who is also a Baltimore native, said it perfectly when he described the heartache he felt because of the rioters who were destroying a part of his beloved hometown. As he said that evening: “… and we cannot stand idle and let, as thugs, whatever you want to call them . I don’t even say they’re “thugs.” We’re just going to call them cowards.”1

His choice of words is supported by the gospel of John. “For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed.”2 This is why there is always concern about greater violence after sundown in these situations.

And what is the best way to defeat a coward? By challenging him, not by staying back in fear of not escalating the situation, Madam Mayor Rawlings-Blake.3 History, which you likely disregard, has taught civilized society the folly of this many times over. Responsible preparation would have allowed this undaunted councilman and those like him to have succeeded in protecting their community.

1 – Fox News, 4/27/2015, 8:04 PM

2 – from the “The New Catholic Answer Bible,” Fireside Catholic Publishing; Wichita, KS, 2005.

3 – Councilman Scott also said, “Get out there and get in between these folks. When we leave here, I’m going out there. Get out there and stand tall and stand up for your neighborhood.” Later excerpt from his comments noted in footnote #1


“They Might be Considered as Weak”

This was the answer to a Fox News reporter around 10:15 PM tonight when asked to explain why a number of protesters were not showing signs of observing the 10:00 PM curfew which began tonight in Baltimore.

Strangely, during the entire exchange, both the reporter and the citizen failed to recall that the order to clear the streets was a result of the curfew established by the mayor. She used her legal authority to prevent the kind of trouble experienced last night. It was not an attempt by the police to “antagonize” the crowd by “intimidating” it as claimed by an interviewee this afternoon. It was merely the act of being prepared after 144 cars and fifteen houses were set afire the night before.

When fragile egos override respect for legitimate authority, it becomes impossible to build a stable society.

Should Hillary Hire a Campaign Manager Who is Publically Opposed to Her Positions on the Issues?

I would expect to hear a resounding, “Of course not!” from every sane reader. Such an individual would seriously undermine her campaign.

Yet, there are many who strongly oppose the requirement that teachers and administrators employed by Catholic schools and universities refrain from a public dissent of Church doctrine. (Not only is this condition of employment logical, but it does not infringe on their private lives as some try to suggest.)

From these dissenters, it can be concluded that protecting the political aspirations of an imperfect person is more important than respecting the infallible teachings of Christ and the Church He founded to carry on His message… And we wonder why we have trouble solving problems.