Final Straw for the Jeb Bush Campaign?

Timing is essential in every endeavor. With business and political decisions, the “right stuff” can lose popularity in changing times even though the “stuff” itself hasn’t digressed.

For example, the railroads were the transportation backbone of the Industrial Revolution in our country. As the horseless carriage evolved into prominence, the railroads continued to focus on improving trains instead of remembering that its original importance was transportation. Trains are still very useful, but until they have a technological transformation, the trucking industry will retain its leadership in moving things.

Unfortunate timing may be Jeb Bush’s biggest opponent. His achievements stack up well with those of his father and brother who both won the White House. And most thinking individuals would certainly rate him higher than Ford, Carter and Obama. Bush III may not have the charisma of Presidents Kennedy or Reagan, but few do.

What Used to be Sufficient is No Longer

This 2016 election season for the Republicans is unlike those in recent memory because of two realizations. The Democrats have proven someone can win without substance. They’ve done it four times since Bush #41. To make things worse, the Republican establishment has not responded to most of its important legislative opportunities since the days of Newt Gingrich. Consequently, what will win the loyalty of a perturbed citizenry in the middle and conservative sides of the political spectrum has changed.

Bush’s advocating for the earned legal status of illegal immigrants, a secure border, a revamping of the disastrous Iran deal, vouchers for improved education (despite a leaning toward Common Core), defund Planned Parenthood (he did that in Florida), the return of Medicare and welfare programs to the states, the repeal of Obamacare, etc. would be sufficient to gain support in most election cycles. But not in 2016.

For Now, Style has Taken the Lead Over Message

Many non-liberals have grown tired of a staid approach which reminds them of recent and current Republican majorities caving in to opponents on the Left. Thus, we have the success of Trumpomania. Sure, it’s time that a Republican calls out those who are trying to usher in a modern Dark Age of a bankrupt economy and morality. But it’s unsettling that the preference of style over substance, formerly a trademark of the Left, has migrated to the center and Right as evidenced by Trump’s early success. Consequently, Bush’s message is getting lost in the sea of Republican candidates, most of whom are reluctant to speak as arrogantly as Hillary & Friends.

Aggravating his slump, Bush tried to reinvent himself with a little fire – but aimed it at fellow Floridian Marco Rubio. Granted, having two favorite sons from the same state in any race will create the inevitable jockeying for position. However, Bush’s attempt at showing assertiveness was so out of character for him that it appeared contrived and may have cost him valuable home state support.

Unfair Baggage and a Gullible Public

He’s battling another annoying and undeserved image issue. Although he is just as much an “outsider” as the other governors in the race, the connection to his family makes him appear to be an “insider” in the subconscious minds of many. Compounding this injustice are liberals who fear a Bush “dynasty” while being oblivious to twenty-three years of Clinton encroachment.

Add up all of the unexpected roadblocks which Jeb Bush has encountered and we can see why he may be considering all of the “cool things” (1) he could be doing instead of trying to rally in this quicksand environment. This self-absorbed age continues to encourage an already emboldened Democratic party that believes it can bamboozle enough voters again. All it needs to do is promise free tuition at state universities, continue to provide all sorts of recreational assistance under the guise of healthcare or new entitlements and blame it all on the rich (many on the Left are wealthy, too, but who’s counting) who couldn’t erase the nearly terminal debt even if they donated all they had to the cause in addition to the Sanders 90% tax. Democrats have no fear of unsustainable debt and think that we are somehow immune to the downfall which has plagued Greece and other undisciplined nations. This puts logic at a disadvantage.

“I’ll be Home for Christmas”?

Here’s betting that Jeb Bush decides the hassle of this race isn’t worth it and decides to spend most, if not all, of the upcoming holiday season as a former Republican candidate.

1 – ““Jeb Goes Off: I Could Be Doing ‘Really Cool Things’ Instead of Being President, You Know,” by Josh Feldman,, 10/24/2015


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