You Misunderstood, Mr. President, We’re Trading YOU For a 3-Year Old Orphan

In the absence of a persuasive argument, President Obama has spoken condescendingly once again. This time it was directed to those who are concerned about allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S., especially since last weekend’s terrorist attacks in Paris. (One of the dead terrorists in France, an EU nationalist, and a man in a Serbian refugee camp each had passports with the same details: those of a Syrian loyalist soldier, Ahmad Almohammad, who died a few months ago.[1])

Using his favorite tactic, our President said, “At first they were worried about the press being too tough on them in during debates. Now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.” (2)

Mr. Obama, we’re not afraid of three-year old Syrian orphans, quite the contrary. We’re looking to trade you for one of them. You see, with a child of that age, we don’t have to worry about his spending trillions of dollars he doesn’t have. Another benefit is that little one cannot possibly write unconstitutional executive orders. Three-year olds normally don’t harass Christians and conservatives. And when that child tells a lie you’d be proud of, we’ll make sure he faces the consequences of his actions and no news media will deflect for him.

While we’re thinking of it, Syria, if you have a couple extra three-year olds, we’ll take them and you can have our Vice President and the presumptive Democratic nominee, too – and we’ll pay the shipping. We will ensure their servers are secure and that no money from foreign governments is going into their little “529” foundations which would influence their decisions some day.

1 – “Were Syrian refugees involved in the Paris attacks? What we know and don’t know,” by Ishaan Tharoor,, 11/17/2015.

2 – “Obama torches GOP on Syrian refugees: ‘Now they are scared of 3-year-old orphans’,” by Nahal Toosi,, 11/17/2015.


3 thoughts on “You Misunderstood, Mr. President, We’re Trading YOU For a 3-Year Old Orphan

  1. Yeow. Well said! I no longer care what comes out of his mouth against any of us. I’ll be writing in a name on the ballot, if the polling areas are still standing by then.

    • The unsettling part is that your comment about the polling places is not impossible. Thanks for reading and we’ll have to stick together for what will be a bumpy ride.

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