Is “Abortion Access” Going the way of “Gangster Economic Opportunity”?

“Abortion access in the U.S. has been vanishing in recent years.”  — Esme E. Deprez and Evan Applegate  in the February 29-March 6, 2016 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.

Euphemisms can be used to express unpleasant things in a polite manner such as euthanizing a pet in the final painful stages of a terminal illness… or they can be used to indicate the condoning of a heinous act.

Such is the case with the intrinsically evil act of abortion.  Bemoaning the loss of abortion “clinics” would be like being sadly reminiscent of the 1920’s and 30’s when the FBI cracked down on the gangster world’s ability to make a living by prosecuting their crimes and stopping bloodshed for profit.  In a macabre way, the criminals’ back-of-the-head executions were more humane than the chemical burning or bodily ripping apart methods used in killing the unborn.

The laws of a civil society must not give “access” to murder.  The taking of an innocent human life is despicable regardless of the way the term is phrased when hiding behind the flawed Roe v. Wade decision.


6 thoughts on “Is “Abortion Access” Going the way of “Gangster Economic Opportunity”?

  1. I agree with you Cartar, if a man hurts a pregnant woman even by accident and cause the kid to die, that man should be put to death according to the ancient way.

    • Oops, the “eye-for-an-eye, etc.” was replaced with the new covenant of the Resurrection. As pro-lifers know, killing except in self-defense is a serious wrong. Only for those instances where an incarcerated person can still engineer crimes may we execute him. — Tony

      • Alright! Sir Oarubio, killing is absolutely wrong! But, as I am thinking. Could the killing of Hitler be wrong, before he kills thousands and thousands of people?

      • Interesting situation! Once he began his journey of murder, and if he could not be arrested and brought to justice, this might be considered self-defense in a wartime environment. Not sure that an attack could be taken before he took on his heinous plans as we must allow for conversion.

        That’s where there’s a problem with equipping police or military with mind-reading devices for the purpose of preventing any crime in advance of any action. If God allows us the opportunity to reject temptation, we should do the same. — Tony

  2. Why is it that lions and eagles are protected yet when it comes to the womb baby a woman cries it’s my body, my choice. What if the choice comes before conception and what about abortion being about money and selling baby parts and lying. We should show Gods love to those who have had abortions but also to those that were killed

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