“Right to Health Care” — But No Right to Life?

“In my view healthcare is a right of all people, not a privilege, and I will fight for that.” —  Bernie Sanders1

“Health care is a basic right.”  —  Hillary Clinton2


A person must be alive in order to need health care.  If the right to life is not protected, then health care becomes irrelevant.  Without the defense of life, a “right to health care” is mere grandstanding to impress the unthinking.  It’s as absurd as saying everyone has a right to car insurance, but your vehicle can be taken from you arbitrarily.

Bernie and Hillary, the right to life is THE basic right.



2 – Hillary Clinton speaking to AOL.com on 1/27/2016, https://ballotpedia.org/Hillary_Clinton_presidential_campaign,_2016/Healthcare


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