Biden Urges War on Cancer — Why Not a War on Abortion? It Kills More Each Day

Attempting to get global focus for President Obama’s war on cancer, Vice President Joe Biden called cancer a “constant emergency”.  He added that it kills 3,000 daily in the United States alone.1  (The same article’s estimate is closer to 1,600 per day, still a tragedy.)

Speaking of constant emergencies, “there are over 3,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.”2

Cancer research must be a high priority as it impacts so many lives, often indiscriminately, not by choice. Abortion kills and always by someone’s choice.

In addition to massive funding, curing the various cancers will take time.  It cannot be willed overnight.  Creating a more supportive pro-life society may require additional expenditures on the part of compassionate citizens and even governments if they become enlightened.  However, not to abort is a decision capable of being willed overnight.

With such an achievable goal at hand, why isn’t there a war on abortion?



1 – “Biden Urges Global Focus on Cancer as a ‘Constant Emergency,’”, 4/29/2016



3 thoughts on “Biden Urges War on Cancer — Why Not a War on Abortion? It Kills More Each Day

  1. Hi Tony. An eye opener. Sadly, the libs who read this post will treat it as wishful thinking on the part of a conservative. There will never be a war on abortion, so long as the liberal powers that be continue to control the mainstream media. The radical libs. are quite aware of their power of suggestion, and the gullibility of the less informed Democrats, who to me are akin to a lower caste, if you will. The media, which is overly protective of, their “messiah,” will continue to protect him and his cronies, by reporting falsehoods. The gullible ones will eat up, and sadly, will continue to vilify those of us who would want to spread the truth. Thank you. Good read. Blessings.

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