Supreme Court’s Logical Decision to Uphold Women’s “Right” to Murder in Texas

In a 5-3 decision released today, the Supreme Court ruled against a Texas law which had two provisions governing abortions in that state.  As much as those of us in the pro-life crowd are understandably disappointed, the ruling makes sense in our self-centered society.

The easy part of the law first.  It required the physician to have hospital admitting rights within thirty miles of his death office.  Texas is a big state with a lot of rural territory.  It’s especially difficult in the western half of the state to be within thirty miles of a hospital.  It would put a very real burden on those wishing to kill an unborn child.  This provision is more appropriate in densely populated areas like New Jersey, Connecticut, Chicago and southern California.

The other section of the Texas law requires abortion “clinics” to be held to the same standards as surgical centers are.  How ridiculous!  These are locations where it’s guaranteed that at least 50% of those entering will die.  Mandating that these places of death have antiseptic  conditions would be like forcing gang members to use only sterile knives and bullets.

Murdering the unborn is nasty business.  Nothing can be done to make it civilized.


4 thoughts on “Supreme Court’s Logical Decision to Uphold Women’s “Right” to Murder in Texas


    Becky Ready

    Director of Faith Formation

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    Faith, family and freedom are the keys to a life worth living.

  2. Thank you for clarifying — I could make neither heads nor tails of the ruling in another article I read, though of course I suspected the Keep Our Genitals Free crowd had snowed the court once again.

    • Yes, as Justice Thomas, in the dissenting opinion, referred to it as the “putative” right of abortion, meaning not inalienable, but simply accepted or generally understood.
      Ha, like that moniker “KOGF” crowd.

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