Hillary Clinton Says She is NOT Part of the Political Establishment?

During a primary debate, Hillary Clinton ridiculed the charge that she was part of the political Establishment because no woman has ever been a Presidential candidate for a major political party.  Consequently, are we to believe veteran women lawmakers such as Pelosi, Boxer, Mikulski and Feinstein are not part of the ruling class in Washington because no woman has run for President in a general election?

So, if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, these women will suddenly be “reclassified” to Establishment status?

Back to Ms. Clinton.  She was the First Lady of Arkansas for nearly twelve years and First Lady of the U.S. from 1993-2001 where she was the chair of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. Then, she was senator from New York from 2001-09.

Twenty-eight years involved with state and federal government – and she’s not to be associated with the problem Establishment?

Her supporters probably also believe that if they want to keep their doctor and health plan, they can.  Wait, that’s a falsehood from a different Democrat.



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