Carta= pages/sheets/writings   Remi= belonging to an “oar” (my initials)

Just as two distinct cultures comprise my ethnic background, I hope my blog will combine several topics with the same synergistic success!

I was born, the day after Albert Einstein died, in my mother’s hometown of Cincinnati.  Her side of the family is English and her parents brought the North (New York state) and the South (Alabama) together.  My father was from Colombia, and I’m nine (grandmother’s family) and eleven (grandfather’s) generations removed from Spain.  Thus, my ancestors were on opposite sides when the English defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588.  World power stayed in the family — merely changed sides!

My major blogging interests are politics, government, social/ moral issues and sports.  On 12/24/2012, I started a “sports only” blog: www.sportuoso.wordpress.com.  The sports articles originally published on “CartaRemi” before that date have been moved to that blog.

I enjoy expanding on topics-of-the-day to go beyond the superficial treatment offered in much of the news media.  This process might reveal the connection between two ideas usually considered to be independent of each other or may simply involve correcting misinformation (especially secular accounts of the Catholic Church).

History, logic and humor will be valuable assistants, not necessarily in that order.  🙂

I hope to add enough light-hearted topics to prevent my blog from becoming too serious.  Thank you for joining me on this ride!   —     Tony

[In August, 2013, I began contributing articles to www.ohioconservativereview.com in addition to my two blogs.  Please read the fine writers on that site, too!]

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