Obama Either Sees Islamic Terrorism as Useful or He’s Afraid of It

Forty-four nations sent high-ranking officials to Paris yesterday for the march of unity against terrorism… but not the U.S.

Sure, as Bret Baier reported on Fox News this morning, our ambassador to France was there. However, this pales in comparison to seeing the likes of Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Germany’s Angela Merkel participating in the center of the world’s stage.1

The Administration’s biggest slam to this event comes from the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder had been meeting with the French interior minister in Paris– but was not sent either! Fox News also reported that Secretary of State John Kerry will go from India to Paris on Thursday. Is this a sufficient delay so as not to ruffle the feathers of the Islamic world?

Oh, the President and his people can claim a concern for having sufficient security on such a short notice. But as Baier pointed out, that falls apart when considering both the high level of security already present for such a gathering of international leaders plus the obvious higher risk that Islamic target Netanyahu had for being there.1 Not to mention Jordan’s King Abdullah was present, too.2

At least our leader is consistent. Whether it was trying to deflect criticism of the Benghazi tragedy to aid his reelection bid or being timid in the Syrian conflict or enabling Iran to develop nuclear weapons while wanting to disarm his own people, President Obama seems unwilling to oppose evil, or when he does, he’s an inning or two behind the rest of the game.

Our ability to address this serious flaw of the President must start with defining the issue: Does he welcome the chaos Islamic terrorism creates because it diverts attention from his unconstitutional actions at home or is he simply afraid of it?

1 – He reiterated his determination to eliminate terrorism with: “’Today I walked the streets of Paris with the leaders of the world, to say enough terrorism; the time has come to fight terrorism,’ Netanyahu said to the crowd of hundreds of French Jews,” from “Netanyahu speaking at French synagogue: Enough with terror, posted by The Jerusalem Post, 1/12/2015, http://www.jpost.com



Pelosi Blatantly Lied Regarding Church’s Teaching on Abortion, So Why Not Misrepresent Hamas, Too?

When it comes to the immorality of killing humans outside of self-defense, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has an amazing ability to discard obvious truth.

First there was her arrogant falsehood in an August, 2008 interview that the Catholic Church, which she claims to belong to, does not know when human life begins: “I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the Church have not been able to make that definition.” Wrong to the nth degree. (1,2,3)

Now we hear this from her:

“And we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” (4)

This is very interesting considering that “Qatar is one of the few nations in the world that refuses to recognize that Hamas, an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is comprised of terrorists” and that the U.S. designated Hamas a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997 when Pelosi was already a Representative from California. (5)

In addition, Hamas’ “founding charter calls for Jews to be killed and says all Muslims are duty-bound to join a jihad to destroy Israel.” (6)

How is she able to sneak hallucinatory drugs with her into the Capitol?

1 – “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person –among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.” From paragraph 2270 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Liguori Publications, Liguori, MO, 1994

2 – “Therefore, Natural Law forbids any attempt at destroying fetal life.”
“The teachings of the Catholic Church admit of no doubt on the subject. Such moral questions, when they are submitted, are decided by the Tribunal of the Holy Office. Now this authority decreed, 28 May, 1884, and again, 18 August, 1889, that “it cannot be safely taught in Catholic schools that it is lawful to perform . . . any surgical operation which is directly destructive of the life of the fetus or the mother.” From the Catholic Encyclopedia, http://www.newadvent.org

3 – “David tells us, ‘Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me’ (Ps. 51:5, NIV). Since sinfulness is a spiritual rather than a physical condition, David must have had a spiritual nature from the time of conception.”
“The same is shown in James 2:26, which tells us that ‘the body without the spirit is dead’: The soul is the life-principle of the human body. Since from the time of conception the child’s body is alive (as shown by the fact it is growing), the child’s body must already have its spirit.” Posted on http://www.catholic.com/tracts/abortion

4 – spoken by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to Candy Crowley of CNN’s “State of the Union,” http://www.cnsnews.com, 7/28/2014

5 — from “WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says Hamas Terrorists Are a “Humanitarian Organization,” http://www.conservativetribune.com, 7/29/2014

6 – from “Pelosi: Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Is she delusional, or is it just me?” by Allen West, 7/30/2014, http://www.allenbwest.com

Why is U.S. Influence Weakening in Asia? Should We Care?

Daniel Henninger, Deputy Editorial Page Director for the Wall Street Journal, appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss his recent editorial “Time for a Big-League President.”1  In it, he wrote about the world’s political climate and declared that “Only one thing really matters in an unsettled world: the quality of U.S. leadership.”

In today’s television interview, he commented on China’s increased assertiveness against Japan and other countries in the Far East.  Meanwhile, the U.S. seems to have disappeared from Asia.  In response to an unprecedented need, the State Department has tried to reassure our allies that we have not, in fact, abandoned them.

The question is: “Why has the Administration pulled back from opportunities to “keep the peace” in Asia?

Isolationism  and  Presidential  Resources

Mr. Henninger believes it stems from the fact that “polls say Americans are in an isolationist mood.”  He continued with “Mr. Obama won’t spend political capital outside the country—Ukraine, Syria, Asia. He wants to spend what capital he has left consolidating internal federal authority.”1

These observations are accurate.  A majority of the American public, or at least the Baby Boomers and perhaps some of Generation X, have had an extended, subconscious guilt over the Viet Nam years.  For the last four decades, there has been a persistent reluctance to become involved in major disputes outside our borders, reminiscent of our pre-1917 era before we were pulled into World War I.2

Advancing  Socialism  and  Increasing  Federal  Debt

There are two other reasons for our lack of effort in preventing Asia from becoming another hot spot in the world.  The first is the President Obama’s obvious preference for socialism.  Despite laughter from the left and disbelief from the uninformed center of the political spectrum, there is abundant evidence.

Obamacare is just a recent example.  The President’s signature piece of legislation may or may not work.  It seems unimportant to his ultimate goal.  If it succeeds, then it becomes part of a more orderly move toward socialized medicine.  If it fails, then by recognizing the reality that we rarely retrace our steps away from entitlements, it will fast-forward us to socialized medicine.  And as Dr. Benjamin Carson has reminded us, Lenin said that “socialized medicine is the keystone to a socialized state.”

Another tactic on the part of the President is the “Common Core” (or “Obamacore”) standards for education.  It’s a bold move to take control of education from the states and to concentrate it more in the federal government.  It also strives to make students “worker-ready” at the expense of being “informed voter-ready.”

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our federal debt.  It’s not only at a very unhealthy level, but is made even worse by the amount of Treasury securities held by other countries.  At the end of October, 2013, China owned $1.3045 trillion, which was 7.6% of our total debt and up from 7.2% twelve months earlier.3  If this were the stock market, China would be required to make a bid to own the U.S.   As it is, they hold a disturbingly high percentage of our Treasury securities; thus, adding credibility to the idea that the Administration doesn’t want to ruffle their feathers.


The abdication of our influence in Asia is just one of several injuries to our ability in being a force for good in the world.  The current Administration is more concerned with the long-term dependency of the citizenry.  We voters must remember that the world is way too small for us to think that if we just keep to ourselves, become preoccupied with “American” problems only, then everything will be fine.

I cannot improve on Mr. Henninger’s concluding statement: “Barack Obama has proven that rookie leaders won’t work in the world we’ve got now. If the U.S. wants to remain a big-league nation, it’s going to have to elect a big-league president.”

1 – 1/1/2014 at www.online.wsj.com

2 – Mr. Henninger also wrote in that article: “It is no surprise that in conversations of late one hears invocations of the 1930s. Or that a popular book to give this season has been Margaret MacMillan’s ‘The War That Ended Peace: The Road to 1914.’ Whether the world in 2014 will tip from containment to chaos or war is not the subject here.”  Nor is it for this posting, either, but it’s certainly worth thinking about as we head toward the mid-term elections ten months away.

3 – While China’s additional investments in Treasury securities slowed from April to October of 2013, their 12-month net purchases showed an increase of $134 billion while all other foreign owned debt decreased slightly.   Data is from www.treasury.gov

Chemical Warfare: Stop the Newcomer or the #1 Current Perpetrator?

Human combat has existed since pre-historic days.  The basic concept has remained the same, only the technology has become deadlier.

The 20th century saw a significant change in that some “ground rules” were established.  After World War I, countries agreed to ban a method of killing, chemical warfare.1

Although the ban has not been 100% effective, it was a step in the right direction.  Events in the Middle East have now engulfed us in the current debate:  should the U.S. or any other country send military strikes against Syria for using one of these banned substances?

The situation has been made more complicated since it appears that Al-Qaeda and other inhumane groups are now part of the Syrian government’s opposition.  A wimpy slap-on-the-wrist strike would only embolden Assad & Co.  (To add to the dilemma, it has become ”if” they are actually the perpetrators, because doubt has been cast on their guilt.3)  A more appropriately severe strike would be our favoring one barbaric group for another.  And, some of our ideological opponents would likely take issue with this and threaten retaliation possibly leading to the much-feared Final Conflagration.

President Obama has put himself in a no-win situation.

But a different win-win opportunity has been staring us in the face.  We can still thwart those who have been employing chemical warfare against the innocent for years.   All we have to do is take humane, constitutional and legal strikes against…  Planned Parenthood.

1 – “The world’s horror led the League of Nations in 1925 to draft the Geneva Protocol, banning chemical weapons in war and declaring that their use ‘has been justly condemned by the general opinion of the civilized world,’” from “A brief history of chemical warfare,” by Harold Maass, The Week, 9/7/2013

2 – “A top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee on Sunday cautioned against arming Syrian rebels, saying ‘al Qaeda elements have a lot of control’ within the Middle Eastern nation’s opposition groups… It is in ‘everyone’s interest’ to see the current Syrian leadership leave power, but ‘by arming the rebels, we could be strengthening al Qaeda,’ Mr. King said on CNN,”  from “Rep. King Warns of ‘Al Qaeda Elements’ in Syrian Opposition,” by Ryan Tracy, www.blogs.wsj.com, 5/5/2013

3 – “According to an article published on Sunday in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, a German spy ship intercepted repeated communications from forces loyal to Assad asking for permission to use chemical weapons; however, their requests were consistently denied,” article by David Stout entitled “Report Claims Syrian Troops Used Chemical Weapons Without Assad’s Approval,” www.world.time.com, 9/9/2013