New Words Created from the Presidential Campaign

From technology to slang, new words pop up daily. Some have a short life and others eventually stay in general use and become part of the language. The current presidential campaign has a creativity of its own which may last beyond 2016. Witness the following:

1) perryty: While the NFL revels in its creation of “parity,” the situation where a dozen teams are vying for two final playoff spots in late December, this political version is not so exhilarating to the participants. It is the condition where no amount of money spent by qualified candidates is able to raise them into double-digit percentages in the polls, causing many to drop out of the race early.

2) trumpled: Strangely, this word already exists in the Urban Dictionary1 as “The aimless wandering after kids wake up and before their parents feed them.” However, a second and more virulent form of the verb has emerged. To be “trumpled” means to be verbally assaulted publically in a juvenile manner.

3) mismegynist: A misogynist2 who has a particular dislike for women who are more intelligent than he is.

4) WallMall: The proposed border fence with Mexico which is also a Trump/Atlantic City-style tourist attraction.

5) obamination: Originally defined in the Urban Dictionary3 in May, 2008, as “The disastrous result of doing or following the speakings of a smooth talker.” Consequences of this have expanded greatly since January 20, 2009. Now, it also describes a country which is experiencing various internal attacks which threaten to destroy it. The means of destruction are typically:

a) uncontrolled deficit spending with a dangerous percentage of national debt owned by adversarial countries
b) wealth redistribution, under euphemisms like the “Affordable Care Act” or “tuition-free university education, with the goal of maintaining the lifetime voter loyalty of the recipients
c) have the state redefine things it did not create and has no authority over (e.g. when does human life begin and what is marriage?)
c) instead of fostering family values in the inner city, keep throwing money at the problem without accountability, thus dooming the citizens to dependence
d) replace meaningful dialogue with political-correctness by trumpling anyone who dares to protect First and Second Amendment rights

6) unwarrented: Describes the claim of membership in a racial minority which is questionable or unverifiable and is often discarded in public when politically expedient for the charlatan.4,5

7) laundremail: Email which is altered by employees of the State Department to remove the words “Top Secret” when sending information to the Secretary of State’s personal computer server, in violation of federal law.

8) kerrymandering: a convoluted negotiating scheme whereby the powerful entity deals from weakness, the sinister party gets what he wants and the losing citizenry are told they gained (to borrow a phrase from the 1930’s) “peace in our time.”

9) bidentity theft: When a person in political office claims to be a member of a certain religion, but whose actions contradict essential beliefs. Named after the current Vice-President who thinks he is a practicing Catholic, but promotes Obamacare with its abortion and sterilization requirements plus his endorsement of same-sex “marriage.” Other notable victims include House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

10) appauled: Utter shock and disbelief that anyone would trash the Fourth Amendment in a desperate attempt to make living in an obamination safe from terrorists. Persons who are appauled know that Benjamin Franklin was correct when he said, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.”6

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2 – “12 Ways to Spot a Misogynist,” by Berit Brogaard, D.M.Sci., PhD,, 2/18/2015

3 —

4 – “Activist professor Ward Churchill and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren both in the past had falsely claimed Native American heritage.” From “Gender, race are strangely malleable in modern world,” by Victor Davis Hanson,, 8/28/2015

5 – “As we all know, Elizabeth Warren is a Native American when it suits her. She’s glad to use her purported heritage when it’s to her advantage… she’ll cast it aside in an instant when it embarrasses her.” From Elizabeth Warren Shuts Down Fellow Native American On Senate Floor,” by Jim Treacher,, 11/20/2014

6 –


D.C.’s City Council Coming to the President’s Rescue!

The Washington D.C. city council has voted to make the possession and the smoking of marijuana in the privacy of one’s home no longer a criminal offense.1 The article added that the bill, expected to be signed by Mayor Vincent C. Gray, “would partially decriminalize pot by imposing civil fines rather than jail time for most offenses.” This is good news for our President. Now, he can have livelier fantasy football parties at the White House because he won’t be restricted to beer and wine, frustrating for him since he believes they’re all the same when it comes to impacting one’s health.2

Another article noted that “anyone caught with 28 grams of marijuana or less will be fined $25 — less than most city parking tickets.”3 So now, the President will only have to worry about getting into just a smidgen of trouble if he carries it with him to meetings with the IRS to discuss getting back at conservatives.

1 – “D.C. Council votes to eliminate jail time for marijuana possession,” by Aaron C. Davis,, 3/4/2014

2 — “As has been well documented, I smoked pot as a kid, and I view it as a bad habit and a vice, not very different from the cigarettes that I smoked as a young person up through a big chunk of my adult life,” the president told the New Yorker’s David Remnick. “I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.” Article by Jake Miller, CBS News, 1/19/2014

3 – “Washington DC City Council Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession,” by, 3/4/2014

Put On a P.C.* Face

(*Politically Correct, and sung to the tune of “Put On a Happy Face”)

Spending is not an issue,
Put on a P.C. face.
Obamacare will wreck you,
Put on a P.C. Face.

Take off old-fashioned air of privacy,
Religious Right.
You’ll do much better; you’ll fit in,
If you give up the fight.

Pick out same-gender partner,
States claim that you can “wed.”
We’ll tell the kindergarteners,
What can be done in bed.

And spread condoms all over the place,
Just put on a P.C. face!

And if you’ve spent much more than you have earned,
It’s not your fault.
Follow GM and Banks who never learned,
Open Fed’s vaults.

“Pro-Choice” pervades the White House,
Humans are just a thing.
Displays of faith must be doused,
Take all the guns we “cling.”

Exec orders all over the place.
Just put on a P.C. face!

“The Winter Holiday Song”

With freedom of religion in dire straits, the day is fast approaching when saying “Christmas” in public will become a punishable offense.   In preparation for this, here is the Modern Revolutionary’s rendition of a classic, sung to the melody of “The Christmas Song.”

Ballot stuffing ‘cause we don’t need I.D.,                                                                             Health care—“no one pays the bill,”                                                                                    Voting districts with no votes for Romney,                                                                           And folks want “morning after pill.”

Everybody knows– Obama wants no spending freeze,                                                      Bill of Rights is such a bore,                                                                                                Faithful Dems go-oh down on their knees,                                                                          To catch entitlements, galore.

They think that he’s the savior and lord,                                                                              Though he’s raised the budget ceiling to new heights,                                                        And with supremacy he’s worked hard to hoard,                                                                 He’ll tell John Boehner to go fly a kite.

And so keep saying your daily prayers,                                                                               We know we’re not supposed to do,                                                                                    Cell phones, G-P-S, watching you, ev’rywhere,
Merry Winter, to you!

A Political Ad Worth Seeing

“When the cable company never fixes your problem, you feel put down.”

“When you feel put down, you run for President even though you have no qualifications.”

“When you win the presidency with no qualifications, you accomplish nothing in office.”

“When you accomplish nothing in office, you try to divert attention from your poor record by talking about Big Bird. Don’t talk about Big Bird, resign from office and go work for the cable company.”