Cincinnati Water Works, Is -27 Degrees Wind Chill Dangerous?

As of 10:30AM EST, Cincinnati’s official temperature was -3 degrees F.  The wind was making it feel like -27 degrees and the Cincinnati area is under a “Wind Chill Warning.”  At this temperature, frostbite can occur is less than 30 minutes of exposure.  The current weather blast will be around through tomorrow morning.

So, with these conditions, why is the Cincinnati Water Works department working outside today?  Electricity is essential just as water is.  Do we see power company employees working on lines during a hurricane?


Announcing: CartaRemi Spins Off New Blog, “Sportuoso”

For immediate release:  “To better meet the needs of a diverse readership, CartaRemi is spinning off its sports category.  The new blog is

Sports articles previously posted on CartaRemi are achived on both blogs.  New sports articles will be exclusively on Sportuoso.  Cartaremi will continue to carry posts on all other topics including the popular politics & government, faith & religion plus timeless asides on the Catholic Church and the English language.

Followers of these blogs are invited to comment and suggest additional changes.”

Hello world!

This blog will address important issues in the world including faith and religion, politics and government, and of course, baseball and other sports!   My goal is to provide thoughtful comments which will inspire, convince and possibly bring humor to readers.

EVERY generation has had its challenges.  Ours may appear more desperate than those of our predecessors either because we are experiencing the accelerating “end times” or simply because each generation faces the same generic human problems, but with unique and scarier technological twists.  Regardless, we must make the journey the best we can for one another!