To the Grandchild I Won’t Meet Until Eternal Life

Dear Little One,

It has been two and a half weeks since your parents learned that we would not have the chance to meet you in this life. The days leading up to that event were filled with anxiety and prayer for your wonderful parents. They had wanted you so much since their wedding three years ago. I learned of their fears just the day before the doctor confirmed that you had preceded us to Heaven. Just that one day of uncertainty was difficult. Through it all, the faith that all things eventually work out for the best for those who trust in God was the overriding thought.

We had been looking forward to your arrival next February with so much anticipation and joy. We cannot know the reason why we will not be able to show you the wonders and beauty of the world God created. More importantly, however, we are comforted by the fact that it was God’s plan that you would see His face and dwell in His infinite love without having to experience the struggles of an earthly life.

In addition, you have met the relatives we miss and whose memories we cherish because they completed their time on earth before we have. I can imagine the greeting you received from my father, your great-grandfather Rubio, when you arrived! It also brings a smile to know that you are also with your youngest aunt who, just like you, was given the “express route to Heaven” a number of years ago.

I promise to focus on being grateful for your eternal joy over my disappointment of having to wait to know you. Until then, please bring your family’s prayers along with the rest of the holy ones’ to the throne of God asking that those of us still fighting the good battle may have the wisdom to seek His Will, not ours. Thanks for your intercession and that of the entire Church Victorious!   🙂

With love and constant remembrance,

Grandfather Rubio (1955-20??)