Murders in Nairobi Must Strengthen Our Resolve Against Evil

The heinous events beginning over the weekend at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi bring great sadness to people of good will.  It must also bring a renewed determination to not become fearful.  The battle against Evil did not begin with the World Wars of the 20th century or with the greed accelerated by the Industrial Revolution or with Attila the Hun, etc.  It started with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The effects resulting from the fall from Paradise will be with us until the Second Coming of Christ.

Despite pre- and post-election claims by the Administration to the contrary, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are anything but conquered.  Events of the last few years and from all over the world should make this obvious.  That most of these terrorists believe their murderous actions belong to a fight-to-the-death worthy cause is just part of our post-Fall plight.

As St. Paul reminded (bishop) Timothy:

“In fact, all who want to live religiously in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
But wicked people and charlatans will go from bad to worse, deceivers and
deceived.  But you,  remain faithful to what you have learned and believed,
because you know from whom you learned it… I charge you in the
presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who judge the living and the dead,
and by His appearing and His kingly power:  proclaim the word; be
persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand,
encourage through all patience and teaching.  For the time will come when
people will not tolerate sound doctrine but, following their own desires and
insatiable curiosity,  will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to
the truth and will be diverted to myths.  But you, be self-possessed in all
circumstances; put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist;
fulfill your ministry.”  (2 Timothy 3: 12-14 and 4: 1-5)1

Evil is most effective in scaring those who believe that this earthly life is the only thing that matters.  We have been assured that Good will triumph over Evil once and for all.  We are not empowered to set the timetable, but to remain steadfast in our mission.

Let’s make sure we are not intimidated by Evil and that we continue to persevere.  Then, the day will come when we will be able to say, “I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4: 7)1

1 – from “The New Catholic Answer Bible,” Fireside Catholic Publishing, Wichita, KS, 2005